Summer driving master class

Log on to the Goodyear live webTV show for driving safety tips from Quentin Willson to make sure you get to your destination without incident this summer

Show date: 21st June 2012

Show time: 3pm

Whether you are planning days out, “stay-cations” or driving to Europe over the Summer the main priority should be to take extra care on the roads as weather forecasts predict a continuation of the drenching the nation has had for at least another month.

This year, the British weather has been as unpredictable as always, with most areas of the nation facing heavy rain and even flooding. That means the roads, which are likely to be gridlocked over the next few weeks, will present even more of a risk for those of us getting set to head away on road trips. .

But there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your safety and that of your passengers. From making sure your car is in good order before you take to the road by checking key things like your brakes, tyre pressure and tread, to checking your oil and keeping good following distances in different driving conditions.

To help you make a comprehensive driving checklist and with general advice on driving this summer, log on to our webTV show where motoring journalist Quentin Willson and Kate Rock from Goodyear give their top tips for safe driving.



Quentin Willson and Kate Rock join Goodyear live online at on 21st June at 3pm

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