September’s a good month for car buyers

With yet another plate change nearly upon us, the 62 to be exact, it amazes me that people still ask me what it all means. They are clearly still muddled as to what the September plate change is all about. Although when the plate in march became a 12 it was obvious but 62 is all a bit confusing, unless you are working in the trade in which case you just get used to it.

The spread in a cars value – even though registered in the same year which could mean 3 different reg plates – can often reach into the hundreds of pounds.

The old excitement of plate change (as we probably mention every year) has long since died down, however it is still worth noting that the new car market, with all the great offers available across many brands, is up year on year. Despite many dealers admitting that they are a country mile off their targets for September you can be sure that, for those prepared to gamble and wait right up until month end, there will almost certainly be some unbelievable deals for new car buyers as manufacturers chase that bigger share.

Plus with more manufacturers upping their game in terms of model line-up and all round packages these deals will only benefit the consumer.

In terms of used cars although September would generate many trade-ins and rental leasing companies will de-fleet their older models for new there is also the added benefit of the Olympic factor this year where rental cars have been kept on the road longer to cater for the extra customers renting cars during the games. This all means that with plenty of cars around, especially in the low spec volume sector, there will be some great deals to be had as dealers look to bulk buy and transfer those savings onto customers through sales and promotional events.

If you have put off your purchasing decision thus far September would probably be a great month to look at changing from a discount point of view. Whether its new or used there looks set to be plenty of choice.

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