What factors have an impact on your car insurance quote?

When insurance providers look to establish the level of the car insurance premiums they will offer customers, the single most significant factor is the level of insurance risk that a customer presents – which means how likely they are to be involved in an accident while behind the wheel of their vehicle, and thus be required to claim on their policy. Therefore, for those looking to ensure that they receive low car insurance quotes from insurance providers, the more they can do to make themselves a low insurance risk, the lower the quotes they will get.

Unfortunately, some of the factors that go into determining the level of insurance risk that you present to a car insurance provider are things that it is not possible to do much about. For example, your age and gender will have an impact on the level of a car insurance quote, with young men being considered by providers to present the highest car insurance risk. This means that if you are young and male, you will pay more for car insurance, even if you do not have a prior history of reckless driving or claiming on policies. This is because you are paying for the fact that young men in general have the most accidents.

Equally your previous driving history will effect the level of your quotes, so even if you have driven safely for years, if you have prior convictions for dangerous or reckless driving, you will be quoted higher prices for your premium. There are some factors that you can influence, such as how secure your vehicle is; making it sensible to install a car alarm, tracking device and other security precautions, as well as parking your car in a safe location – like a garage or secure car parking facility, rather than simply on the street.

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