One family one car

The constant price hikes in fuel continue to have an effect on the used car market. It is reckoned that more people are getting rid of the second family car due to the simple economics of keeping it on the road and making do with one car, however inconvenient that may be.

Cheaper economical cars are still making all the money in the trade but when people want fixed outgoings the industry are offering simple solutions. The last thing people need when money is tight and they are budgeting for motoring costs is unforeseen costs. So where you can buy a car with free insurance, free servicing and in some cases even the tax thrown in, then it mean there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

I was recently talking to a friend who said he had to declare his car SORN as the tax and MOT were due at the same time and as he has a big engined petrol behemoth the tax alone was over £250 plus and with the cost of the work needed to get it through the MOT it became prohibitive to spend such an amount in one hit leaving him carless for a time. Whilst I am all for cars which do not harm the environment it seems terrible during such hard times that people, who are already under such severe financial pressure should have to meet such high costs just to keep living a normal life.

Whether you can afford a single monthly payment of course is another thing, but you can’t argue with the logic. You could have a new car which will be protected from unforeseen costs in every way except putting fuel in it, or you could try running an older car and take the gamble of something going wrong or risk having even a simple service or MOT breaking the bank.

It may be worth looking into it as I don’t believe that with all the frantic efforts of manufacturers and their dealers that there will ever be a better time to buy a car as economically as there is today.

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