The 2013 Aston Martin DB9

In the process of ridding itself of the Virage, Aston Martin have updated its old faithful the DB9 and borrowed a few styling cues from its now defunct brother along the way.

The DB9 is about to enter its tenth year of production and Aston have decided that as part of their refreshed line-up for 2013, the model should be given a similarly new lease of life. The usual changes that apply to any performance car have been applied here; so increased power, the firm’s latest suspension technology and an all-round freshen up in styling, inside and out.

The new DB9 will start at £131,995 – £18,000 cheaper than the outgoing Virage – but has taken on the best bits of the car that sat between itself and the more aggressive DBS for its 18-month lifespan. The headlights are the most obvious item borrowed from the Virage, as well as the lipped boot spoiler and its generally more antagonistic stance.

Up front is still a 6.0 litre V12 beast of an engine that has been raised from 470bhp to that of the DBS and V12 Vantage’s 510BHP. It also includes engine updates that will feature in the new Vanquish, as the latest generation of the AM11 V12 built for the new flagship model will be placed in the DB9 too.

An improved 0-62mph time of 0.2 seconds is a result of the extra power and tweaks, with the new DB9 able to make easy work of the task in just 4.6sec.

Potential customers will be glad to know that they also need not to spec Aston’s carbon ceramic brakes as an expensive option as they now come standard with the 2013 model. The Brembo produced brakes save around 12.5kg on the standard disc brakes.

The upcoming Vanquish’s VH structure, however, will not be implemented into the new DB9 as a measure of cost saving and so will not benefit from the technology’s carbonfibre bonded rear end.

Aston’s plan to use what they can from the Virage continues inside, with the interior now plusher than ever and uses special hand-stitched leather welt for the seats and upgraded glass switchgear.

The DB9 is usually found in 2+2 spec, but as an optional extra, the Gaydon-based manufacturer will remove the back seats and turn the car into a true two-seater GT and place in lightweight seats at the front, lessening the weight by a further 17kg.

Further options can be added that include new designs for the 20-inch alloys, automatic windscreen wipers, a reversing camera and unique DB9 logos for the interior.

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One Response to The 2013 Aston Martin DB9

  1. Steve Bell September 25, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Doesn’t it look like the new Vanquish? Sorry, I meant the Virage. Oh, no wait. Wasn’t the Virage discontinued recently? Brand-blandness at Aston anyone?

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