Bargain of the Week – Bentley Continental GT

OK, so it’s been a while, but Bargain of The Week is back. Let’s get down to business ladies and gents.

I did have several other cars in mind for the new BOTW series return, but I’ve chosen a Bentley Continental GT for some very good reasons; it’s a car that a large proportion of people have thought of owning, but because of the rumours of high running costs, it’s been well and truly avoided on most shopping lists. Let’s be honest, the GT isn’t a car to own when you have to be in your 40’s, be a successful individual and appreciate the heritage behind the badge. It’s now within very easy reach, courtesy of finance, I suspect. But seriously, a Bentley GT for under £30,000 wouldn’t have been conceivable five years ago.

So, here are my reasons to consider buying a Bentley GT; Firstly, don’t be put off by the running costs. There are a lot of Bentley independent specialists around now, more so than even as recently as two years ago. The vast majority are run by ex-Bentley trained technicians, and if you choose carefully, your GT will be in safe hands. As for costs, the 10,000mile service interval on GT’s will average at around £300-500. Further up the scale, the major 40,000 mile service interval will creep into the £600-800 bracket. You need to also bear in mind that Bentley dealers run a service discount price menu and it’s worth doing your homework before hand.

How about driving one? Well, firstly, they’re not an “old-mans-car”. The 6.0-litre W12 engine is supercar quick but an absolute peach. Over 500hp is delivered like no other experience. It handles like a proper GT, too. Four wheel drive and a decent chassis make it a relaxed cruiser and a potent racer. It really is an everyday, useable car, and one that keeps you going back for more. It’ll take any excuse to grab the keys and go for a drive.

Ownership: Well, this is the easy bit. Just imagine knowing you have a Bentley in your drive or opening your garage to reveal a Bentley. And reliability? Well, as long as they’re maintained properly, you’ll easily see over 150,000 miles of loyal service. Just be sure you drive it at least three times a week to keep the battery charged.

Still not convinced? I’ll guarantee if you get behind the wheel, you’ll be hooked. As for the colour choice? Well, there are too many combinations to pin down my favourite. And one last thing: This is a hand-built, British sports car. There isn’t anything else I know of that can boast that kind of status.

Just remember; £30,000 and you’ll be the owner of a Bentley.

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