Car Insurance for Young Drivers in 2013

Finding car insurance for a young driver can often be problematic. Anyone under the age of 25 can realistically expect to pay significantly higher premiums on their insurance, simply due to their age, with no or little account being taken of their existing driving record. And in 2013 insurance for young drivers – especially women – looks set to rise.

Insurance Increases in 2013

The EU’s gender ruling means that the preferential rates of 2012, in which insurance for young drivers plummeted by 13.6%, will most likely be coming to an end. Female drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 may see up to a 24% increase in the cost of their car insurance from the 21st of December 2012, due to providers needing to come into line with the new mandates demanding equal insurance costs for both genders. Parents currently funding their children’s car insurance costs are beginning to worry about keeping up with payments, with nearly a third saying they will have to stop paying altogether. Young people who fund their own insurance may very well find themselves priced out of their independence.

Averaging Out Your Car Insurance Costs

Insurance for young drivers costs, on average, approximately £2000 a year. The expected increases mean that driving may become, for some, a luxury they can ill afford.

Ways for Young Drivers to Decrease Their Car Insurance

  • Undertaking Pass Plus will lower your premiums for the outset, as you will be regarded by insurance companies as a safer – and therefore lower risk – driver.
  • Fitting an insurer’s black box to your car is a smart move, as they are designed to help you drive safer and are a measure of trust for many insurance companies.
  • Adding an experienced driver to your policy will lower your payments.
  • Buy insurance online, and compare the costs of several different providers before making your decision.
  • Purchase insurance before the EU gender ruling comes into force at the end of December.
  • Choosing an appropriate vehicle – Vauxhall have recently teamed up with an insurance specialist with the intention of offering more affordable premiums to young drivers. They also have a range of cars specifically designed for younger drivers, such as the Vauxhall Corsa and new Vauxhall Adam.

Finding the Right Insurance Company

Online insurance companies, such as Axa Northern Ireland car insurance, can help drivers of all ages save money by purchasing their insurance online. Any good insurance provider will take as many factors into account as possible when estimating your insurance costs so it’s important to speak to an experienced insurance specialist about your needs before deciding which car insurance will be right for you.

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