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It will be interesting to see how the times new classified site fairs in the current market. It appears it will be continuing the high end theme that has been a hallmark of the Sunday Times motoring section for many years. Interestingly the site will also combine the advertising of thousands of premium brand cars alongside reviews and buyer guides. They have already signed up the likes of Volkswagen, Mercedes and Porsche and with an estimated £5m invested in the project it will be fascinating to see if the success of the Times vehicle (pardon the pun) can be replicated in the online world which has some major players competing for position.

Many dealer groups representing premium brands already spend heavily on the marketing of their used cars and with investment in the likes of Autotrader and Motors among others these dealers are going to want increased enquiries to be persuaded to put more into advertising their stock in yet another classified section.

At MTI we have striven for a long time to be seen as a credible authority for customers when choosing their next car or service and are interested in informing all our readers how and how not to do things in the world of cars, and through all this have remained totally independent when reviewing cars or services on offer in the market.

As a result it will be interesting to see what tone the reviewers take when there is potentially a lot of money being spent by a  manufacturer or large dealer group advertising their cars through the Times Driving site and we await the feedback in the trade to be able to pass it on in due course.

By the way don’t expect anyone to be abbreviating it to STD. Just sayin’.

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