Should you buy the new MINI roadster?

minirIf you want to buy a small car for city driving and are not sure whether your budget will stretch to a Mercedes or BMW, a MINI roadster could be your best option.

The stylish new MINI roadster is economical at 49.6 mpg and reaches an impressive top speed of 124mph. So when you’re tired of all that constant gear changing and stop-starting whilst driving in the city you can take it out on the motorway and open it up.

Whether you’re just going for a picnic in the countryside or a weekend break to the seaside, you’ll have plenty of room to pack clothes, food and drink in the 240-litre volume boot.

New features

When the MINI reaches 50mph, the rear spoiler will extend electrically and reduce the lift on the rear axle. This will allow for much better road holding and contribute to an overall better driving experience.

Customisation options

Driving a MINI is synonymous with driving in style and the choice of colours allows you to have some say in the form which that style takes. Along with non-metallic colours, you can choose from Chili Red and Pepper White, Spice Orange, British Racing Green II, Lightening Blue, Eclipse Grey, White Silver and Midnight Black.

Safety considerations

When choosing a car, safety is always a central concern and the safety features offered by the MINI roadster will leave you reassured when you set out on a long journey. Its Automatic Stability Control + Traction prevent the front wheels from spinning, guaranteeing you ideal starting conditions and all the grip you could need.

The four disc brakes, anti-lock braking system and Cornering Brake Control ensure optimum braking in all situations. In addition, the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution manages the balance of the braking force between front and rear axle.

Other safety features which will help to ensure a safe ride include Dynamic Stability Control which prevents unstable driving situations by intervening in engine management and by applying braking force to individual wheels at the front and rear when necessary. Finally, the stiff collapsible steering column acts as a protective shield for the driver.

Better than its rivals?

Due to the considerable price difference, comparing roadsters is an inherently difficult task. The Mazda MX-5 is the closest model to the MINI roadster in terms of price and it has a similarly illustrious history.

It became the biggest selling sports car of all time by 2000 and will reach 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds – 0.7 seconds slower than the MINI. Both cars are well-designed but if your intended use is more centred on city driving then the MINI is probably your best option.

Take a look at what the Top Gear experts have to say on the brand for my evidence.

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