Fun and Affordable, the Scion FR-S Offers the Best of Both Worlds

scionIn the world of sports cars, reasonably priced models tend to be a rarity. But that’s exactly what the Scion FR-S gives to drivers everywhere. While many cars may offer a dependable ride, they just can’t hold a candle to the driving experience afforded by the FR-S. Partly inspired by the iconic vehicles of the 70s and 80s, the FR-S offers drivers both fun and functionality, at a price just about anyone can live with.

Driving At Its Finest

Scion is known for appealing to a younger generation of car consumers, many of whom hold different values when it comes to what makes an ideal driving experience. The Scion FR-S offers an affordable and fun-to-drive vehicle that performs just as well in the city as it does every where else. This is extremely important for younger car buyers of today, many of whom insist on a vehicle that can keep up with their busy lives. This entails being able to perform essential errands with aplomb, while also offering an exciting driving experience.


Unlike cars in a similar price range, the FR-S is made to be a top-performing vehicle. This is an effort to appeal to those car buyers who require a vehicle that can tear up the road with the best of them, but may not have the money necessary to buy a more-established sports brand. However, this hardly makes any difference when it comes to how the FR-S actually performs.

The over-steering capability is important to sports car enthusiasts because it offers a more lively driving experience. The popularity of so-called ‘drift’ racing, which is the deliberate over-steering of a vehicle to an often graceful effect, is alive and well in the FR-S. The specially designed tires assist in this epic battle against the road, offering just enough traction to make things interesting.

Balance Is Key

The great balance between horsepower and torque means that the FR-S performs well both at high and low speeds. This can be important for those who use their vehicles as a basic get-around car. While higher-end sports cars can really tear up the road at top speed, handling capabilities tend to give out during everyday driving. The FR-S solves this problem by offering a balanced driving experience that exudes comfort in just about every conceivable driving situation.

Standard Features

The FR-S is packed full of standard features that would entice just about any car buyer. This is a vehicle that looks great both inside and out, along with offering a number of features perfect for any on-the-go driver. The interior offers ample back-seat room, in addition to a spacious trunk. Connectivity features are plentiful, including docking for mobile devices, which makes linking up your FR-S to your social life a breeze. The advanced sound system makes listening to a music a joy, and the keyless entry really emphasizes just how convenient this car can be.

Fun and Affordable

The Scion is joint-venture between two well-respected car brands and it shows. The Scion FR-S exemplifies this legacy of quality thanks to its top-performance, reliability, and sleek styling. Those in the market for a fun and affordable new vehicle need to look no further than the FR-S.

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