Top 5 Aftermarket Add-Ons for Family Cars

car DVD players and monitors

Today’s family vehicles boast quality features that are light years ahead of those clunky station wagons and minivans of yesteryear. Whether you’re picking up the kids from school en route to football practice in your Chevy Suburban, navigating the highway behind the wheel of your Honda Odyssey for your daily commute to work, or just out for a weekend getaway with the entire crew packed into your Chevy Traverse or Ford Flex, fact is, your ride is equipped for just about anything. And, with items like car DVD players and monitors, GPS navigation systems and car iPhone and iPod adapters, there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied, however, it’s important to maintain a high level of protection at all times.

Safety and Security for the Entire Family

custom-fitting seat covers

Before you hit the road with what you consider your most valuable possessions—your family—it’s always a great idea to insure their safety with several key additions to your vehicle. There’s no need for a massive overhaul on your ride right away, but new brake pads and new brake rotors are a good place to start. Next, educate yourself on proper tire inflation techniques by getting a tire gauge. And, so you’re never at a standstill on the highways and byways, take a look at some of the different car batteries and top-notch K&N oil filters that are out there to keep your family car running fine no matter where you go.

Now that you’ve got a handle on what it takes to keep your car fit for any drive, consider upping the ante on your interior protection. The kids’ tossed tater tots, spilled cereals and sticky juices are no match for your carpet or factory seats when you’ve got the total coverage of family car floor mats and custom-fitting seat covers lining your interior. Take the sun’s harsh elements out of the equation as well when you opt for car dash covers and window vent visors. What’s more, you’re furry four-legged friend can also be put in check by selecting from your choice of dog barriers, dog seat covers and dog harnesses.

Get the Most Out of Every Drop

Thule and Yakima Roof Racks
In this day and age, getting around and doing much of anything costs you plenty crisp dollars and then some. When you’ve got a family to think about, saving money on all fronts should be a top priority. While there isn’t much that can be done to sway the bigwigs on Capitol Hill to bring inflation costs down, you can fight back in your own way by getting the most out of every gallon of gas. Prior to that next long road trip, take a good look at your options for K&N filters, tonneau covers for trucks, tailgate nets, air intakes and filters and the like—all made to save you from stressing out at the pump. Remember, dialing in your vehicle for a safer drive on all levels is a great way to show that family always comes first.

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