Earning the right to be successful

It does seem that every time we turn on the TV or radio there is more bad news. Today unemployment up again, inflation up, economic growth down, interest rates likely to rise again, jobless figures for 18-23 yr olds at an all time high and so on. This kind of bad news will probably test our will for some time yet as this bunch look to justify the cuts by blaming the last bunch who spent too much of our money and now we, or more precisely, the next generation will have to pay for.

Some scream we are not cutting deep enough or quick enough, others say far too deep too quick, who do you believe and who do you trust? The latest furore surrounds the big bonuses being paid to “fat cat” bankers despite the mess they got themselves in and the handouts they needed to survive.

But if we are not careful are we not in danger of making profit and success dirty words? If someone is given or earned a multi million pound bonus presumably he/she must have generated many more millions in profit for his/her company in order to qualify for such a large payout.

I know that for many ordinary working people the thought that someone can earn millions of pounds for seemingly doing very little when nurses, police and especially soldiers earn a pittance in comparison for doing far more important and sometimes very dangerous jobs, but unfortunately, despite what the anarchists may want us to believe, that is just the way it is.

In order to generate wealth in a free market economy this kind of scenario will always be the way it is.

Strangely in the car business at present nothing is the way anyone thinks it is and, like Merv “the swerve” king no one can really be sure that their predictions will be correct.

We speak with many car trade professionals on a daily basis who have given up making predictions, do not use trade guides anymore, just go with the market as it is at any given time and try to make the best of it. Not very scientific or indeed strategic I grant you but comforting for many who resort to instinct and experience to steer them through choppy waters.

Perhaps the greatest difference in our world is that customers truly dictate how successful we are and with profits much harder to acquire than in many other businesses, but investment often much greater, the rewards afforded to the top people in the motor trade are far less but perhaps much more earned than for some in other industries.

Having been around many determined people in the car trade this year we all realise that hard work and a positive attitude will be required, and a commitment to excellent customer service will see the cream rise to the top/

The fact is whoever is successful in the car game this year will truly have earned it.

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