66 reg plate launch: the cars to look out for

Are you in the market for a new car? With the 66 reg plate released on September 1st, you’re not alone, as thousands of motorists try to get their hands on the latest models.

To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the wide choice on offer, here are the three cars which deserve your attention:

In September, say hello to…the Fiat Tipo

Type of car: Family car

Why it’s likely to be popular: The whole family will love the Fiat Tipo. Released in September and available as a hatchback and an estate, the Tipo boasts five seats which offers enough space to accommodate a quintet of adults comfortably. There’s also five doors for ease of access.

Worried about luggage space? You needn’t be anxious, as the hatchback version has 420 litres of boot space and the estate variant boasts 520 litres.

Despite all this space, the 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel engine helps the car deliver in excess of 70mpg.

In October, say hello to…the Ford Ka+

Type of car: City car

Why it’s likely to be popular: What can we expect from the Ford Ka+, the third-generation model of the Ford Ka?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that it now has five doors — drivers have become accustomed to the Ka only packing three doors as standard.

Don’t panic though, as the Ka+ is still compact enough to get around a city centre’s tight corners and busy streets with ease.

In fact, by featuring five doors, the Ford Ka+ is able to introduce electric rear windows as standard. There’s also stylish specifying alloy wheels and air conditioning as standard.

All of this for a car that will be sold at prices starting at £8,995, though keep an eye on Motorparks’ new Ford range hub for unmissable deals as the October release of the Ka+ creeps closer.

In November, say hello to…the Alfa Romeo Giulia

Type of car: Company car

Why it’s likely to be popular: The release of the Alfa Romeo Giulia will represent the iconic Italian car manufacturer’s return to the executive saloon sector.

Fortunately, there will be plenty to enable the Giulia to prove a worthy rival to the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE and the Mercedes C-Class.

The car will immediately capture attention with its luxurious design, while in the cabin, drivers will be greeted with a raft of hi-tech equipment.

Tax-free motoring is another appealing aspect of the Giulia, which is made possible by the fact that its 2.2-litre diesel engine will be capable of keeping the car’s CO2 emissions to under 100g/km.

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