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NCAP Chairman Mosley Calls For Withdrawal Of Datsun Go

Max Mosley, chairman of the Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) has called for a complete recall of the controversial Datsun Go from all Indian and Southeastern Asian markets. The request for a comprehensive recall includes all present models of the Datsun Go, and will be communicated immediately to the Datsun corporation. What effect the […]

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A look at Formula One’s New English Driver Will Stevens

Will Stevens is a 23-year-old English driver who is racing for Manor F1 racing team this year, who ultimately saved Marussia from ‘crashing and burning’ just days before the 2015 deadline. Manor have had a difficult start to the season as they failed to compete in Melbourne, despite making the trip out to Australia for […]

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Concept of driverless cars requires a shift in thinking

According to a lot of experts, boffins and eggheads, cars that can drive themselves are looming up on the horizon, with multiple car manufacturers already in the process of developing them. Although it’s not entirely certain when the first of these cars will really hit the market, insurance companies have already started to warn that […]

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Around the World in 15 Taxis

If you thought hopping in a Taxi was the same anywhere in the world, think again. Looking at 15 different, The Taxi Centre (click here to find out more) have put together an infographic showing the varied and unusual options people can have when getting about around the world. Whilst some of the vehicles like […]

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Know the score when it comes to car finance

If you are looking to purchase a new or used car and you don’t have the funds (let’s face it who does?) then you are going to have to look at some form of car financing. Whether that be leasing, hire purchase or just straight out borrowing the money. Either way you are going to […]

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