April 23, 2014

Honda Insight review – an affordable hybrid option


The 2012 Honda Insight is the first redesign of the model since its original launch in 2009, and Honda seems to be aiming for a more ‘everyman’ car, with a price tag to match. With prices starting at just under £19,000, this is certainly one of the most affordable hybrid engine vehicles of its size currently on the market, but questions remain over … [Read more...]

Belgian Grand Prix preview – More of the same from Hamilton?


The 2013 Formula One season has firmly past the halfway point now, which means that we are very much getting to the business end of the season which will decide who takes the title. Next up is the Belgian Grand Prix - the 11th race out of 19 this season - which takes place between the 23rd and 25th of August at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. None … [Read more...]

A Buyer’s Guide to Asking the Right Questions

It's something that most of us will do only once every few years, so it's hardly surprising that buying a car from a dealer can seem a daunting prospect. Whether you're looking for a shiny new model or something with a bit more value, it's a process that throws up many questions that can leave the inexperienced buyer more than a little … [Read more...]

How Do We Put More Electric Cars on The Road?

A Nissan Leaf electric car charges at Challenge Bibendum sustainable mobility trade fair in Berlin

The technology for electric-powered vehicles exists and the environmental benefits of driving them vs. conventional cars fully justifies the use of it, so why aren’t there more electric cars on our roads and what can be done about it? If the motor industry is going to be revolutionised, it requires a collaborative effort made by pioneers; … [Read more...]

A Checklist for Buying a Family Car


A car is an essential investment for your family. Careful planning and research into the market will ensure that you get a car which will meet your present and future needs. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down by countless plush car adverts, which are all trying to sell you your dream car. However, a plan and a simple checklist can keep you on … [Read more...]

Understanding the EU Tyre Labelling System


Having a huge choice of tyres at your disposal can be a great advantage when you are looking to purchase a new set of tyres for your car. Whether you need a quick fix with a budget tyre, or are looking to upgrade all four with a set of premium tyres; dedicated companies such as Tyres on the Drive are there to provide the best tyres at the best … [Read more...]

Is Young Drivers Car Insurance Changing For Good?


Car insurance and the way in which car insurance premiums are calculated in the UK have been changing recently. Although these changes will affect all drivers, young drivers insurance and those who would usually pay high premiums are most affected. The first major change came around at the end of last year when it was decided that car insurance … [Read more...]

Betting on an Upcoming NASCAR racing event

NASCAR K&N Pro Series West

Today in the world of sports betting, just about any sport can be the subject of sports betting. This would include motor sports such as NASCAR racing. The most popular bet made on upcoming NASCAR race is of course simply selecting which driver one believes will win the race outright. It doesn’t matter which brand of NASCAR is involved. It could be … [Read more...]

UK new car registrations up 14.8% in April


April 2013 new car registration figures: New car registrations were up 14.8% in April according to the latest figures released today by the SMMT. 163,357 cars were registered in the month, with the market 14.8% or 21,035 units up on April 2012 (which was up 3.3% (or 5,576 units) on April 2011). “The UK new car market continues to perform … [Read more...]

Beat the confusion over car hire charges


Recently the travel branch of consumer association Which? reported that many car hire companies have confusing and unnecessary charges making it difficult for customers to decipher the best deal. With this in mind, we have put together a small guide to help you navigate through the turbulent car hire waters and ensure you enjoy car and van … [Read more...]

Anxiety builds in the motoring industry, ahead of planned DVLA local office closures


Motor industry being left in the dark as local DVLA office closures loom Most individuals and business owners that work in the motor trade will have been watching out for updates on the imminent DVLA Regional and Local Office closures with baited breath. Since the official announcement was made last summer, much speculation has surrounded the … [Read more...]

Looking after your bike in summer


The summer is officially on its way to the UK, but before we rush to get out motorbikes out of the shed, garage or living room and head for the warm and inviting open road, there are some critical checks to perform. A few cold and wet months in storage could have caused more damage than you’d think, so here’s what to look out for. Tyres are … [Read more...]

Infiniti reveals Q50 Hybrid price


At the recent New York Motor Show, the Nissan owned Infiniti manufacturer released the pricing of their new luxury hybrid sports saloon, the Infiniti Q50. Starting at $36,450 (£23,795*) for the 3.7-litre V6 diesel model, the base model will be up against stiff competition from the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4, with the hybrid engine based model … [Read more...]

How Have Pickup Trucks Evolved In The Last 30 Years?


Pickup trucks have come a long way over the years. From the early models which originated in Australia, to modern options which provide plenty of benefits to the average user, here’s a look at just how far they’ve come over the last 30 years: Origins According to one Australian museum, a farmer wrote to the boss of Ford Australia in 1932 … [Read more...]

UK new car registrations up 5.9% in March


March 2013 new car registration figures: New car registrations were up 5.9% in plate-change March according to the latest figures released today by the SMMT. 394,806 cars were registered in the month, with the market 5.9% or 21,971 units up on March 2012 (which was up 1.8% (or 6,374 units) on March 2011). “UK new car registrations … [Read more...]

Top Three Hidden Benefits of Using a Sat Nav


The fact that the term 'sat nav' is based on the workings of a whole network of satellites which orbit the earth in fixed positions, hundreds of miles above, is not something that most of us think about when using the device. As well as letting you know your exact position and working out a route to where you want to go, many new sat nav models … [Read more...]

Great choices for first cars

Whilst it’s a bit mind-blowing as to the huge choice of potential first cars out there on the UK used car market, we are lucky in that we have this choice and that our British used car market is so rich, well stocked and reasonably priced. You just have to wade through it with a calm head. Here are three gooduns to get you started. Ford … [Read more...]

What are the most popular cars to get finance on?


The list of the top 10 new cars sold in the UK during 2012 was once again topped by that perennial over-achiever the Ford Fiesta. During the year 109,265 units were registered, an increase of just over 13.5% on 2011 and with the “facelift” model due this year – promising a heavily redesigned front fascia (see image) – the upward trend is surely set … [Read more...]

Excitement Builds Over Peugeot 208 GTi “Hot Hatch


Peugeot’s new 208 was well-received when it was first revealed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, and has sold extremely well since it became available last summer. This April will see the release of a GTi version of the model, consolidating the favourable impression made by what many observers consider to be the manufacturer’s best supermini since the … [Read more...]

Ford Kuga


Since 2008 the Ford Kuga has been commanding the streets of Britain. A rugged off-road performer, the Kuga is equally comfortable rolling along city roads, and the latest addition is equipped with plenty of Ford’s most cutting-edge technology. The new Kuga’s design is suitably commanding, with powerful shoulders and a professional front grille. … [Read more...]

How the Volkswagen Golf became an icon


Just two years after its launch in May 1974, one million Volkswagen Golf cars had already been produced. Since then, the Golf has grown to become the second most popular car of all time, and the latest model is every bit as impressive as its heritage suggests. The addition of the Golf MK2 in 1983 saw a longer wheelbase and the fitting of a range … [Read more...]

Choosing a new car


When the time comes to buy a new car it can be pretty overwhelming and easy to get confused – with literally hundreds of cars to choose from, new and second hand options, and all sorts of concerns around environmental impact and fuel efficiency, it can be hard to know where to begin. A key starting point is to decide on your budget. Once you … [Read more...]

The Chevrolet Spark is a ball of energy on four wheels


A practical five-door with a sporty glint in its eye - it can only be the new Chevrolet Spark. Few models are quite as eye-catching as the Spark. With a wide choice of body colours, you can make sure that your car turns other drivers an envious shade of green. The latest update to the model has really enhanced the design, adding a strong … [Read more...]

New car registrations up 7.9% in February


February 2013 new car registration figures: New car registrations were up 7.9% in February according to the latest figures released today by the SMMT. 66,749 cars were registered in the month, with the market 7.9% or 4,881 units up on February 2012 (which was up 2.5% (or 1,556 units) on February 2011). “UK new car registrations have risen … [Read more...]

Used car sales suffer as manufacturers go for broke


As March is now upon us it appears that the car makers scrap for market share is hotting up. Some of our dealers are reporting a 50% increase in new car orders year on year and indeed many have already achieved their March objective and it's only the 1st of the month! Whilst this means many sales execs will have a rather tasty pay packet, on the … [Read more...]