August 28, 2015

Sponsored Video: Esure presents “DriveOff”

We’ve all done it I’m sure. Taken our eyes off the road for just that split second too long to see why the phone just beeped. However in all honesty a mobile phone in a car is a distraction we could all probably well do without. In fact driver inattention is the leading cause of car accidents and from research published in 2011, it is estimated … [Read more...]

Driving holidays providing an affordable alternative in recession Britain


With the country in the grip of the worst recession in decades, a side-effect of squeezed family budgets is a renaissance of the good old fashioned driving holiday. Many Britons who would previously have looked forward to jetting off for a sun-drenched beach vacation are now sampling the pleasures that can be found on our own shores. Although … [Read more...]

Car Insurance for Newbies


Whether you are getting on the road for first time, or you find that you suddenly need car insurance, you’ll find that getting the car insurance that suits you best can be a real headache! Can you handle a high deductible, and are you ready for all of these costs? The truth of the matter is that it is far easier to purchase car insurance than you … [Read more...]

Sponsored “ASDO” report has sets out to explore driver personalities with their ASDO (Anti-Social Driving Order) Report Even the mildest mannered person can lose their cool behind the wheel from time to time, yet for some drivers, closing the car door brings about a fundamental change of character. A new report reveals the behavioural phenomenon which … [Read more...]

The impact of EV on the Motor Industry


As the world lurches further into the deepening chasm of global warming, governments, industries and common people alike are taking up their batons in defence of the planet and pledging themselves to the future. In the remarkable words of television personality and columnist, David Mitchell, ‘it would be a lot easier, if for example, astrology … [Read more...]

Your Own Budget Cuts – Compare Car Insurance


The Real Budget Report is based on what is actually happening in households in the UK - how they are saving money and reorganising their spending. Some figures for the UK are as follows: 74% of Brits say they have set a limited budget for their household spending in the past year 26% are spending less on both luxuries and necessities 18% … [Read more...]

Sponsored video: Free range Chevrolet Volt


Despite what many climate change deniers may want to believe the growing desirability of the electric car is not going to dissipate any time soon. The main objection against electric vehicles seems to be “range anxiety” (the compelling fear that a vehicle has insufficient charge to reach its intended destination thus leaving the vehicle's occupants … [Read more...]

Is Pass Plus worth the cost?

Pass Plus is an advanced driving qualification that requires the driver to be able to drive competently in a wide range of circumstances that are not routinely tested in a standard driving test or taught on a standard driving course. The idea behind the qualification is principally to give new drivers greater experience and the confidence to … [Read more...]

Action Plan To Deal With Accidents


According to World Health Organization, 1.2 million people die every year in car accidents. It is a scary number especially if you consider the people who are left behind without a mother, a father, and so on. But car accidents are not always about fatalities they are also about injuries, damages, and liabilities. What are the things that you can … [Read more...]

Mercedes: The Best in Power and Exhilaration


When it comes to Mercedes UK consumers are often desperate to find the fast, most exhilarating cars that they produce – something that is not very difficult when you look at the amazing line-up of Mercedes cars sold in the UK today. Should you need a little prompting though, this article is going to run through the 5 top Mercedes UK consumers can … [Read more...]

Bike Insurance for Women


Today, more and more women are writing different types of motorbikes or even scooters. In fact some analysts suggest that 20% of all new bike riders are females. With more and more women riding bikes, there are also more women seeking insurance for those bikes. This provides a special situation for insurance companies to tailor policies for … [Read more...]

The BMW 5 Series M5 review and safety rating


The range of M-series cars manufactured by BMW have developed a good reputation thanks to their ability to provide drivers with excellent performance levels and road handling, without sacrificing anything in the way of comfort or safety and with this – the fifth generation M5 model – BMW is claiming that they have provided an enhanced level of … [Read more...]

Getting the best price for your car

After your house, the car in your life is more than likely the second most expensive thing you will ever get to buy. Thus when it comes to the time you want to upgrade / change it, getting the very best money for it becomes very important. There is always the option to trade in of course, and a large number of people indeed choose that route, … [Read more...]

McLaren and F1 clothing


McLaren clothing is a stylish range that is the result of a 30 year partnership between McLaren and HUGO BOSS. The McLarenSport collection is a limited edition designed by BOSS Black and McLarenSport and includes a range of tops, sports sweaters, jackets and Polo shirts. You can accessorize these with a HUGO Boss belt, wallet and sports bag and … [Read more...]

Make your car financing choices easier


When it comes to financing a car, you need to think about a few factors. You cannot just go out and pick your favourite car – you need to think about the cost of the car and then extra costs on top of that. You also need to think about the cost of your financing option. Getting Car Finance can be a stressful time, but here are a few tips to make it … [Read more...]

Winter driving part 4


Winter driving preparations Welcome to the final part of the winter driving blog. We are giving you tips and advice during winter 2011, here we will look at the impact of snow and ice, hills and automatic cars… Snow & Ice Bringing your car to a stop in snow in ice takes considerably more stopping distance, as much as tem times more! … [Read more...]

Used cars for sale in the UK

If you hadn’t already noticed, the economic situation in Britain is pretty dire, and many people are worried about their finances as a result. However, this is actually the perfect time to buy a second hand car because prices are lower than ever and there’s an excellent selection available. Can you afford not to? It’s not just bargain hunters … [Read more...]

Five simple tips for looking after your car tyres


There are enough costs associated with running a car – MOT, servicing, road tax, fuel car insurance – so it’s worth doing what you can to reduce the likelihood of having to shell out on general maintenance. Car tyres can be expensive to replace, especially if you have to do all four at the same time, so knowing how to properly maintain them is … [Read more...]

Winter driving part 2


Welcome to the next part of the winter driving blog. We are giving you tips and advice during winter 2011, here we will look at the tyres, visibility and issues with standing water… Tyres At least 3mm of tread is recommended by The AA for winter motoring so if you live in a rural area with steep hills or poor roads then this could be the … [Read more...]

Winter driving part 1


Guest Post: Tips for making your car winter friendly This is going to be a four part blog post giving your tips for making your car ready for the winter brought to you by The Car People, specialist car dealers. Driving in winter can be daunting at the best of times, especially with ice, snow and floods to make things worse.  There’s the lower … [Read more...]

How to get the best Motor Trade Insurance – Five Insider Tips


For most motor traders buying insurance is probably a chore and a bit of a bore. But making sure you go about choosing a policy correctly could be the difference between your business surviving a disaster and it going under. So it’s worth taking time out to make sure you get motor trade insurance right. With that in mind, here are five … [Read more...]

Let Jaguar Dealers Bring Some Luxury into Your Life


Aside from our homes, a car is one of the biggest purchases we will make in our lives. Our cars can be a status symbol, the key to our livelihoods and the centre of our social and family lives. We will therefore want to purchase a vehicle that will not only be reliable and functional but will also bring some luxury into our lives. Jaguar’s … [Read more...]

Can SAAB successfully follow in the tracks of Peugeot-Citroen?


While the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has been urging European governments to provide more support to their members and arguing for the relaxation of non-European markets prescriptive trade barriers, Peugeot have been forging a different route to success in the large emerging markets of the east. SAAB seems likely to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Aftermarket Add-Ons for Family Cars


Today's family vehicles boast quality features that are light years ahead of those clunky station wagons and minivans of yesteryear. Whether you're picking up the kids from school en route to football practice in your Chevy Suburban, navigating the highway behind the wheel of your Honda Odyssey for your daily commute to work, or just out for a … [Read more...]

Top 5 car innovations of the Future


Car innovations over the years have been nothing short of remarkable, and that trend looks to continue into the future. Check out some of the upcoming technological advances: 1. Auto-Drive Cars Imagine a car that can drive itself. It seems more in keeping with a James Bond film, but this is what many car manufacturers have been working … [Read more...]