August 30, 2015

Overview – The Tesla Model S


Following on from the tepidly popular Roadster, Tesla has entered the UK market once more with the Model S, an electric saloon looking to take on the likes of Mercedes’ S-class and Audi’s A8. Tesla’s future was in some doubt earlier this year due to financial worries, but the Californian firm look to be going full steam ahead with its vehicle … [Read more...]

Porsche set to go fully hybrid with new technology


Porsche have revealed that all future models will be available with hybrid-electric drive, including the 911. The company’s representative, Daniel Semmer, announced at the Panamera Hybrid technology workshop that a new hybrid module had been designed by Porsche and will be able to fit into all models. The new unit combines an electric motor and … [Read more...]

Jaguar’s SUV makes another step towards production


An article from Jaguar’s plans for its much anticipated SUV project look to have taken a step forward, with the British car manufacturer registering the trademarks ‘Q-type’ and ‘XQ’ with the EU - labels which are fitting with its current naming policy. With the success of the critically acclaimed F-type, Jaguar is now looking to … [Read more...]

Renault add a dash of Formula 1 to the Twizy


An article from A bit of Formula 1 is coming to Renault’s line-up, but perhaps not in the way you’d expect. The Twizy electric city car has been garnished with technology from the highest echelon of motorsport to create the French firm’s joint-fastest road car. Labelled the Twizy Renaultsport F1, the concept car makes use of … [Read more...]

Jaguar Land Rover announce creation of 800 new jobs


As other car manufacturers are handing out bad news to hundreds of workers who are set to lose their jobs, Jaguar Land Rover are announcing the expansion of its production at its Solihull plant, with 800 openings being created to support the production of new models. The Tata-owned company saw a 30 per cent rise in global sales in 2012 totalling … [Read more...]

The numbers game: BMW plots out its future


Like most German car manufacturers, BMW are putting a lot of effort into exploiting those niche markets and its most recent big reveal, the 4-Series, is just one of a line of models that will effectively fill the gaps of the firm’s roster of offerings. The Munich-based company has also let the M6 GranCoupe out the bag in the last week to rival … [Read more...]

The Aston Martin deal: How it stands


Aston Martin have confirmed it is currently under offer for a stake in the famous motoring brand and it is thought that a deal could be made within the next week, if not the next few days. Kuwaiti finance firm Investment Dar Co. and owners of the brand are looking to sell part of AML and last week had reportedly agreed to sell a minority stake … [Read more...]

Ford set to cut 1400 jobs in the UK


The UK motor industry took a big hit on Thursday when Ford announced that it would be closing both its Southampton plant and its Dagenham stamping operations, meaning the loss of 1400 jobs. Ford is in the midst of a massive European restructuring process which has already led to the closure of the American firm’s Mondeo plant in Genk, Belgium … [Read more...]

The 2013 Aston Martin DB9


In the process of ridding itself of the Virage, Aston Martin have updated its old faithful the DB9 and borrowed a few styling cues from its now defunct brother along the way. The DB9 is about to enter its tenth year of production and Aston have decided that as part of their refreshed line-up for 2013, the model should be given a similarly new … [Read more...]

Revealed: The Jaguar F-type


The new Jaguar F-type has been revealed ahead of its Paris Motor Show debut at the end of September, following a leak on a US website featuring three examples of the car. Coined as the long-awaited successor to the legendary and iconic E-type, the F-type is Jag’s attempt to offer customers a sports coupe below that of its flagship XK models. The … [Read more...]

Pebble Beach 2012: Rounding up the most prestigious car show on the calendar


There are motor shows and there is Pebble Beach. Each year the wealthiest of car enthusiasts come together on America’s West Coast to celebrate the most distinguished marques in the business in the sun and the glamour of the Monterey peninsula, and this year’s was no different. It was the 62nd meeting on the Californian province and saw some of … [Read more...]

Second wind: Gordon Murray back to make his mark once more


Every so often there is someone who comes along and changes everything, but rarely does the same person come back and turn the world around again. Gordon Murray is one of those people and is about to offer the motoring world something more than revolutionary. The 65-year-old South African first plied his design genius in the extravagant sport of … [Read more...]