August 28, 2015

Bargain of the Week – Bentley Continental GT


OK, so it’s been a while, but Bargain of The Week is back. Let’s get down to business ladies and gents. I did have several other cars in mind for the new BOTW series return, but I’ve chosen a Bentley Continental GT for some very good reasons; it’s a car that a large proportion of people have thought of owning, but because of the rumours of high … [Read more...]

Bentley return to motorsport


At the 2002 Paris Motor Show, the unveiling of the Continental GT concept took the world by storm and opened an exciting new chapter in Bentley’s history. Now, ten years on, Bentley is repeating the same feat with a Continental-based GT3 race car currently being developed by a dedicated motorsport team at the company’s factory in … [Read more...]

New innovation for aprrentice engineers


There are very few sectors where technology and innovation move faster than the automotive industry, an industry which offers well-respected and well-paid long-term career opportunities for today’s graduates. However according to a PriceWaterHouseCoopers report in 2011, 46% of automotive CEOs say the task of finding the right talent is becoming … [Read more...]

Ford EcoSport Launch


I don't quite get Ford's latest bonkers styling, but they have recently revealed that the all-new EcoSport, their latest sports utility vehicle, as they have called it, will go on sale in Europe within the next 18 months as Ford expands its line-up in the growing European SUV market. EcoSport is based on Ford’s global B-segment platform and … [Read more...]

Car Boss – Into production


Welcome to our imaginary world of The Car Boss. Continuing where we left off (Car Boss - Looking good) thing are starting to come together... On 1st August, production re-started at the SAAB Trollhatten plant. The re-launch set out by the new owners, SAAB PCG, is an exciting time for the Swedish Manufacturer. The town of Trollhatten is expected … [Read more...]

Ford Focus ST loses its sparkle


The UK has always had an appetite for fast Fords and in some ways I've always thought the British have been its most loyal followers. I don't see any other country adoring the Dagenham hot hatch like we do. Like a proud father, I feel somewhat protective now that Ford has made the new Focus a global car. More importantly, this is the first of the … [Read more...]

New Porsche Boxster S


Hard to imagine that the original Boxster was launched back in1993. There have already been several incarnations since, but the latest 2012 Porsche Boxster is the first time buyers have been offered a genuinely new model. It's fresh from the road up, which really makes it an interesting proposition. I've always thought the Toyota MR2 has some … [Read more...]

Car Boss – Looking good


Welcome to our imaginary world of The Car Boss. Continuing where we left off (Car Boss - the tension mounts) thing are starting to come together... After months of speculation and various interest from several automotive parties, Paragon Automotive have signed a deal to purchase SAAB Automobile AB, allowing production to re-start … [Read more...]

The new Bentley Continental GT V8


This is the all-new Continental GT V8. It might look the same as the W12 but if you take a proper poke around you’ll notice the differences. I'll come onto these later. The main reason you need to read on is to find out all there is to know about this all-new, twin-turbo V8. Co-developed with Audi, it's packed with technology that Bentley … [Read more...]

Car Boss – The tension mounts


Welcome to our imaginary world of The Car Boss. Where we play the biggest motoring board game we can come up with. We can make decisions, talk to the big players and hopefully make a success without actually having to risk millions in the process. It's been a difficult few weeks especially as we have just returned from Trollhatten, the home of … [Read more...]

Car Boss – Buying Saab


With our plans afoot (albeit fictitious), about resurrecting and running SAAB, the Geneva Motor Show in March would be a perfect platform to announce our future plans. In the meantime..... The Paragon Automotive board have already been reading through documents that detail the buy-out offer for SAAB. Our first plan is to pay the 100 million … [Read more...]

New feature – Car Boss


‘When Paragon met.... SAAB’ The last twelve months for some car manufacturers could have easily deserved entry into one of our old “Death Watch series”. However after we had to pull the last one for “legal reasons”, I’ve come up with another idea; how many of us have always hankered after owning and running our very own car business? No, I don’t … [Read more...]

Frankfurt and beyond…


Right, the house extension is over. No more skips in the driveway, shifting my car out of the way so the builders can access the house. No more dust, wet paint odour and getting up at the crack of dawn to let brickies, plasterers, plumbers and roofers into the house only to find that they all knock off at four. I've missed the car industry, but not … [Read more...]

The last 911 – The GT3 RS 4.0


Porsche have again raised the bar and will give the current 911 the ultimate send-off. If you've ever been fortunate enough to drive a Porsche, you'll know just how focused they are. With this the last 911 GT3 RS, Porsche have somehow turned it up to an extraordinary level. It really is a step on again. Project boss, Andreas Preuninger, has … [Read more...]

Inside the…Lamborghini Aventador


This all new Lamborghini Aventador has been claimed by Lambo CEO, Stephan Winklemann, as a jump of two generations in development. If that's true, this could be the most significant car since the Countach. To make life even more difficult, owners Volkswagen demanded that this flagship model had to be a "world beating" super sports car. Not only did … [Read more...]

The Fantastic Ferarri FF (not for the purists though)


"Every year Ferrari will be launching a new car" - says Luca Di Montezemolo at the recent Maranello factory unveiling of the new FF. It seems the brief this time around is 'functionality'. It's clearly dictated the FF's profile and although it will undoubtedly divide opinion, I really like it. It's also a very big Ferrari; from the large, … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – My First Car


Happy 2011. Yep, we're back with another series of Bargain of the Week. OK, so I've had January off, but this particular edition is a personal one and something many parents dread. Our soon to be seventeen year old is getting her very first car and my other half is already snapping with worry. This is also the year where I'm (celebrating?) eighteen … [Read more...]

Best of Bargain of the Week


December has always been the month of culmination; a years' worth of work all down to the wire. The Car of the Year tag is over used and, although the end of the year isn't far away, I've decided on our very own – Best BOTW. I had no idea that two years down the line I'd still be writing MTI's BOTW but it's proven to be a good read and I've enjoyed … [Read more...]

What is it about JC and Christmas?


I've always liked Jeremy Clarkson. I like his take on life and I'm surprised he's never been on the TV series Grumpy Old Men. My other-half says I'm getting grumpier and compares me to Karl Pilkington the star of Sky's, 'An Idiot Abroad'. Grumpy is good. At least in our male grumpiness we speak the truth, something which Jeremy does very well, … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – TVR Griffith


TVR. Just three letters arouse the motoring senses of us petrol heads. Front-engined, British sports car with a rumbling V8. No need for fancy electronics like traction control and ABS. Just you, one tactful right foot and good judgement. The only reason it features on our forecourt is because it still remains as one of the very few, good-old … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – BMW 325i Convertible


Once in a while something special comes along. Not all of you might agree, but certain BMW E30's are regarded as classics. Take the M3. Even twenty years on, they demand good money and are still hailed as great “drivers' cars”. I've been lucky enough to own some fabulous cars over the years and even now I still mention my old E30 325i with … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Fiat Coupé 20V


On December 3rd, our BOTW series will be two years old. Having gone back and looked at what we've featured over the last two years I've noticed that prices seem to be creeping up and it looks like we're moving away from our USP; Bargains. Saying that though, prices do reflect the type of car we're writing about. So for this week I'm going back to … [Read more...]

T-25, 3 into 1 will go!

bond bug

Every 10 years or so vital automotive innovations pave the way for the next 50 years. Right now a new, dynamic approach to car manufacturing is about to re-write the rules. It's called 'iStream' and it comes from the man who, with Ron Dennis came up with what some call the greatest supercar of all time; The McLaren F1. In fact iStream along with … [Read more...]

Classic Bargain of the Week – Jaguar E-type


I know you can't really refer to classic cars as 'bargains' but having spent several weeks looking at the classifieds; there really are lots of ways to get yourself a classic car even if you're on a strict budget. And the choice, as they say, is frightening. Who hasn't bought a copy of Classic Car or Octane magazine and flicked through the … [Read more...]

Will VW say adiós to Seat?


How much has changed at Seat in the last 60 years? Not a great deal it appears since its humble beginnings. A tie-up between the Spanish government and Fiat saw Spain’s first car manufacturer take off. By re-badging the Fiat 600 and later the Panda, Seat struck a chord with cheap and affordable motoring and by 1967 Fiat increased its shareholding … [Read more...]