September 2, 2015

Bargain of the Week – Bentley Continental GT


OK, so it’s been a while, but Bargain of The Week is back. Let’s get down to business ladies and gents. I did have several other cars in mind for the new BOTW series return, but I’ve chosen a Bentley Continental GT for some very good reasons; it’s a car that a large proportion of people have thought of owning, but because of the rumours of high … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – My First Car


Happy 2011. Yep, we're back with another series of Bargain of the Week. OK, so I've had January off, but this particular edition is a personal one and something many parents dread. Our soon to be seventeen year old is getting her very first car and my other half is already snapping with worry. This is also the year where I'm (celebrating?) eighteen … [Read more...]

Best of Bargain of the Week


December has always been the month of culmination; a years' worth of work all down to the wire. The Car of the Year tag is over used and, although the end of the year isn't far away, I've decided on our very own – Best BOTW. I had no idea that two years down the line I'd still be writing MTI's BOTW but it's proven to be a good read and I've enjoyed … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – TVR Griffith


TVR. Just three letters arouse the motoring senses of us petrol heads. Front-engined, British sports car with a rumbling V8. No need for fancy electronics like traction control and ABS. Just you, one tactful right foot and good judgement. The only reason it features on our forecourt is because it still remains as one of the very few, good-old … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – BMW 325i Convertible


Once in a while something special comes along. Not all of you might agree, but certain BMW E30's are regarded as classics. Take the M3. Even twenty years on, they demand good money and are still hailed as great “drivers' cars”. I've been lucky enough to own some fabulous cars over the years and even now I still mention my old E30 325i with … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Fiat Coupé 20V


On December 3rd, our BOTW series will be two years old. Having gone back and looked at what we've featured over the last two years I've noticed that prices seem to be creeping up and it looks like we're moving away from our USP; Bargains. Saying that though, prices do reflect the type of car we're writing about. So for this week I'm going back to … [Read more...]

Classic Bargain of the Week – Jaguar E-type


I know you can't really refer to classic cars as 'bargains' but having spent several weeks looking at the classifieds; there really are lots of ways to get yourself a classic car even if you're on a strict budget. And the choice, as they say, is frightening. Who hasn't bought a copy of Classic Car or Octane magazine and flicked through the … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Land Rover Discovery


I've been writing Bargain of The Week for a while now and for the very first time it's my turn to spend the cash on a new car. Although road tax, fuel and general running costs are still rising, I'm in the market for a new car and as much as it doesn't make sense, I can't bring myself to sell my daily-drive. A new business venture beckons and I … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Ferrari 355


We've been on a small BOTW sabbatical recently but now the summer is pretty much here, we thought we'd kick it off with something a little bit special. We've already had one Ferrari grace our virtual forecourt in the shape of a Mondial but now we’ve chosen another, purely because it is one of the most desirable, and now almost affordable Ferrari's … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – 2003 Range Rover 3.0 Td6 HSE


With the thought of shelling out over £900 showroom tax for the highest polluting new cars, anyone in the market for an off-roader could be on the verge of a very expensive trip to the showroom. MTI's virtual sales hotline has had an influx of 4X4 inquiries over the last few months and whilst there is plenty out there to choose from, time and time … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Mazda 6 MPS


Q-cars: Underrated on the outside, serious performers on the inside. There's been plenty over the years, some adored and others just getting a quick editorial line in a car magazine. This week's BOTW is one of the latter. Mazda has' been making great sports cars over the last twenty years yet when they released the MazdaSpeed moniker in the US back … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Buying a Supercar – part one

OK, here's the scenario. Nine friends all want to own supercars. Nine friends can't afford to buy a supercar. Late in the summer of 2009 nine friends decide to chip in together and share one supercar. Will they all still be friends left at the end of this? It sounded like a great idea at the time but there tends to be a lot of testosterone in … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Mini Cooper


A guy was talking to me the other day and asked my advice, which can be dangerous, about what car to buy next. He was looking for something easy to drive, compact, cheap to insure and had a little 'fizz'. I could have reeled off a right old list of nonsense but instead of naming the usual suspects I took his email address and went off to have a … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Porsche Cayenne S

With the snowy weather causing its usual spate of mayhem this month, unsurprisingly 4x4's seem to be the preference at the moment. Funny that. Speaking of which and leading nicely into our recent virtual trade in, a Porsche Cayenne, here are a few lines from a well known anti-4x4 website (wonder how they're feeling now?) “With 4x4 sales now … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Ford Racing Puma

Welcome to a re-booted Bargain of The Week. New for 2010 is our brand new virtual used car showroom. New and exciting stock will grace our forecourt and you'll find a real eclectic mix of metal. No more bangers, no more insurance write offs (and twisted frame controversy), just cool cars which will get any petrol head, pistons' slapping. Most … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – 1991 Benetton B191-5

So, twelve months ago we started our bargain of the week series, and although it was meant to be on a weekly basis as you can see by the posting dates it occasionally ran over. OK, it ran over a lot but it's grown into an internet sensation. Ah, yes. That's not so true either. But I'm pretty sure it's one of a kind, sort of. None the less I've had … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Ford Escort RS Turbo

I've just seen my number one scrappage car being driven off into the distance on the back of a truck (top-ten "unbelievable scrappage cars" coming soon to MTI, although we’re going to keep working on the title!) and it got me thinking. The 80s were a fantastic time to grow up in the midst of some pretty damn fine cars. I remember my mum owning a … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Ferrari Mondial

This week we celebrate a little milestone with our BOTW series. Last year little did we know just how popular our used car virtual-lot would be and looking ahead there's still plenty of life in the 'old girl, yet. To help celebrate I've searched high and low for something a little different. Whenever I get cornered about our BOTW series I always … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Audi 100 Avant Quattro

The Audi 100 was originally launched in 1968 and its roots go back to the time when Volkswagen purchased Auto Union from Mercedes Benz. In fact, ex Mercedes engineer, Ludwig Kraus, was brought over from Auto Union to design the 100 and in November '68 it was revealed to the press. Its '100' moniker originates from the 100PS (99hp) power output from … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Jaguar XJ6

The story goes that Jaguar were developing the 1986 'XJ at the same time as their XJ220 supercar which makes owning the former a great conversation piece. Originally launched in 1986, early models were less than reliable and suffered from suspension trouble, steering problems and were and the electrics were the stuff of nightmares. For fear of … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Ford Capri 2.8 Special

Has anyone seen the American TV series, 'Overhaulin'? You can still catch the repeats in some of the distant regions of the Sky programme guide, but for those who aren't familiar, a team of experts from … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – StreetKa 1.6i Luxury

OK, don't all jump up in surprise! Yes, my somewhat delayed BOTW is finally here, but with the agro I've been going through I'm glad to be writing this piece and finally putting it to bed. It all started with … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week – Peugeot 306 convertible

Having been off with tonsillitis for the last two weeks my DB7 hasn’t seen much action. What my recuperation has given me is time to re-jig our Bargain of The Week series and consider selling the Aston. … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week- Aston Martin DB7

It must be a record. One week of British sunshine without a downpour. Other than a good BBQ having a decent car to appreciate the weather is essential, well, for us blokes anyway. As you may know, … [Read more...]

Bargain of the Week- Maserati Spyder

I’ve been in a slight dilemma this week. Having seen two potential cars for our Summer BOTW my heart won over my head and I’ve parted with my own cash again and come home with another car. Good … [Read more...]