September 2, 2015

One weak link


I was reminded today of the importance of always keeping your eye on the ball and never, ever taking anything for granted. In the car business it really doesn’t take much to turn a customer (potential or otherwise) off so getting everyone in the chain of command to buy into the customer service ethic is vital, now more so than ever. Just one … [Read more...]

What’s in a number?


The SMMT are releasing positive new cars sales figures month in month out, seemingly bucking the trend in the rest of Europe, but is everything in the garden as rosy as it may at first appear? Scratch beneath the surface and the so called new car “sales” figures reveal a somewhat different picture.  We know for a fact that many franchise car … [Read more...]

The blame game, “whipcash” and easy targets


Having been in the business for nearly 20 years now it still amuses me when I still regularly observe the bad press that 'used cars' get. You can barely watch a programme without some reference to the dodgy practices of the used car salesman. For sure anyone watching the documentary series “The dealership” really couldn’t fail but have their … [Read more...]

Smoke and mirrors in the UK car market


It seems as if the motor trade in the UK is going from strength to strength. Sales are buoyant, the order banks are filling up, there are many new models coming to market and f&i income is at an all-time high. Scratch beneath the surface however and many dealers will tell you that it’s not all it seems. Although the headlines will say that … [Read more...]

Happy days are here again – or are they?


Last week seemed to be bursting with good news for the UK, rugby and tennis wins, house prices on the up and reports of economic upturns and corners turned. Add to this the fact that summer has apparently decided to make a long overdue appearance then the overall effect is a resounding “feel good” one. However (you knew that was coming didn’t … [Read more...]

UK new car market being “force fed” by the manufacturers


As the numbers keep telling us the new car market in the UK is seemingly in robust health and on the up and up, but is the story underneath as rosy as the headlines suggest? Whilst I would be the last one to do-down any worthwhile signs of economic recovery it is worth pointing out that the overriding reason that the UK new car market is showing … [Read more...]