August 26, 2015

Top 4 Ways to Use Personalized Number Plates for Business Marketing


Do you have a business of your own? Then it is extremely important to spread the word about it among your target audience. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to connect with them and earn a good amount of revenues. So, how are you planning to make people aware of your business and its offerings? There may be numerous ways for that. But … [Read more...]

A look at Formula One’s New English Driver Will Stevens


Will Stevens is a 23-year-old English driver who is racing for Manor F1 racing team this year, who ultimately saved Marussia from ‘crashing and burning’ just days before the 2015 deadline. Manor have had a difficult start to the season as they failed to compete in Melbourne, despite making the trip out to Australia for the opening race of the … [Read more...]

Concept of driverless cars requires a shift in thinking

According to a lot of experts, boffins and eggheads, cars that can drive themselves are looming up on the horizon, with multiple car manufacturers already in the process of developing them. Although it’s not entirely certain when the first of these cars will really hit the market, insurance companies have already started to warn that they could … [Read more...]

Nissan Takes Note With Viral Stunt!


Taking extreme sports to the next level, Nissan launched their renowned Note mini-MPV down a hill to celebrate both the model’s first European birthday and its successful Safety Shield Suite. Building a giant 6 metre inflatable “carzorb” that weighed over a tonne itself, the Note was encased inside ready for a journey like never before! … [Read more...]

Mazda6 Diesels Go For Gold


After the recent announcement of Mazda’s all new Skyactiv technology, they’ve been hard at work at the race track taking part in a 24hour endurance run to try and take the record for the fastest average speed. A combined team of professional motor drivers, journalists and motor enthusiasts all chipped in to achieve their goal of beating the … [Read more...]

REVEALED: Nissan Pulsar Nismo Concept at The Paris Motor Show


At the recent Paris Motor Show the Japanese based motor manufacturers; Nissan Motor Company revealed that they had given the brand new Nissan Pulsar hot hatchback the Nismo treatment. Although Nissan claim that it is only a design study currently it is expected that it will be a complete production model in the near future as earlier this week the … [Read more...]

Car Buying Trends


Check out the UK car buying trends over the last decade including favourite make, model and colour. We have also compared fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. Since the move to twice-yearly plate changes in 1999, only March 2004 has seen more new car registrations than March 2014. As cars become more fuel efficient and CO2 emissions reduce, the … [Read more...]

Volvo’s New Drive-E Powertrain to be launched across Range


Volvo has been working on a new range of engines which offer the perfect blend of economy and performance for quite some time, and they claim to have now achieved this. The Swedish car manufacturer’s latest waves of engines are called Drive-E, and they will be available across the entire Volvo line-up from May 2014. The first car to get the new … [Read more...]

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor | Successful across the world


Ford sales in Europe may not set any records but due to economic crisis. In the U.S. however they get better and better. According to Mitula plenty of people select it for its off-road performance. The model which has accomplished such feats is the F-150 SVT Raptor. This off-road-ready Ford vehicle has set a record in sales in 8 of the last 10 … [Read more...]

What to Expect From Honda’s Latest Supercar: The NSX


Audiences caught a first glimpse of the NSX concept car at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, where little was revealed. But it was the car’s appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 - the last time the NSX will appear as a concept car - that truly whetted the appetites of supercar fans worldwide. Design From a design perspective, … [Read more...]

Believe it or not Subaru drivers are the safest on the road


The Subaru is shaking off its image as a ‘boy racer’ classic. According to analysis by MoneySupermarket, drivers of the Japanese brand are the least likely to make a claim for an ‘at fault’ accident on their car insurance.1 The UK’s number one comparison site analysed over 13 million car insurance quotes run on the site over 12 months, and of … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video – Tour de France, Skoda the team behind the team


Czech car manufacturer, Skoda will once again be the official sponsor and auto partner of the world’s most famous bike race, the Tour de France. This time it is extra special as this will be the 10th time Skoda have sponsored the race, which is also celebrating its 100th anniversary. There is also a bicycle connection with the famous Czech car … [Read more...]

Porsche set to go fully hybrid with new technology


Porsche have revealed that all future models will be available with hybrid-electric drive, including the 911. The company’s representative, Daniel Semmer, announced at the Panamera Hybrid technology workshop that a new hybrid module had been designed by Porsche and will be able to fit into all models. The new unit combines an electric motor and … [Read more...]

Jaguar’s SUV makes another step towards production


An article from Jaguar’s plans for its much anticipated SUV project look to have taken a step forward, with the British car manufacturer registering the trademarks ‘Q-type’ and ‘XQ’ with the EU - labels which are fitting with its current naming policy. With the success of the critically acclaimed F-type, Jaguar is now looking to … [Read more...]

Renault add a dash of Formula 1 to the Twizy


An article from A bit of Formula 1 is coming to Renault’s line-up, but perhaps not in the way you’d expect. The Twizy electric city car has been garnished with technology from the highest echelon of motorsport to create the French firm’s joint-fastest road car. Labelled the Twizy Renaultsport F1, the concept car makes use of … [Read more...]

The most hotly anticipated cars of 2013


At the turn of the year, it's traditional for experts to roll out list after list that look back on the preceding 12 months and what it brought us. This happens in almost every industry, from music and gaming, to sport and films. However, in the motoring industry, it appears far more common to find features that look ahead to what awaits us in … [Read more...]

How do we put More Electric Vehicles on the Road?

A Nissan Leaf electric car charges at Challenge Bibendum sustainable mobility trade fair in Berlin

Electric cars will be the future of motoring. With our society becoming more and more environmentally conscious, we need to get more of these vehicles on our roads. But in order to do that, we need electric cars to become more practical, efficient, and cost-effective. So what factors are prohibiting electric vehicles from penetrating the … [Read more...]

New “car” aimed at teenagers hits the road


It looks like any other supermini. But this is no ordinary car - in fact, it’s not technically even a car. The Aixam Coupe S is classed as a light quadricycle, dubbed carpeds, which means it can be driven by 16-year-olds holding a moped licence. To qualify as a quadricycle, vehicles must weigh less than 350kg and have a power output not … [Read more...]

The 2013 Aston Martin DB9


In the process of ridding itself of the Virage, Aston Martin have updated its old faithful the DB9 and borrowed a few styling cues from its now defunct brother along the way. The DB9 is about to enter its tenth year of production and Aston have decided that as part of their refreshed line-up for 2013, the model should be given a similarly new … [Read more...]

Revealed: The Jaguar F-type


The new Jaguar F-type has been revealed ahead of its Paris Motor Show debut at the end of September, following a leak on a US website featuring three examples of the car. Coined as the long-awaited successor to the legendary and iconic E-type, the F-type is Jag’s attempt to offer customers a sports coupe below that of its flagship XK models. The … [Read more...]

Ford EcoSport Launch


I don't quite get Ford's latest bonkers styling, but they have recently revealed that the all-new EcoSport, their latest sports utility vehicle, as they have called it, will go on sale in Europe within the next 18 months as Ford expands its line-up in the growing European SUV market. EcoSport is based on Ford’s global B-segment platform and … [Read more...]

Second wind: Gordon Murray back to make his mark once more


Every so often there is someone who comes along and changes everything, but rarely does the same person come back and turn the world around again. Gordon Murray is one of those people and is about to offer the motoring world something more than revolutionary. The 65-year-old South African first plied his design genius in the extravagant sport of … [Read more...]

Sponsored video: Free range Chevrolet Volt


Despite what many climate change deniers may want to believe the growing desirability of the electric car is not going to dissipate any time soon. The main objection against electric vehicles seems to be “range anxiety” (the compelling fear that a vehicle has insufficient charge to reach its intended destination thus leaving the vehicle's occupants … [Read more...]

New Citroën DS5 officially on sale in UK today


Citroën's distinctive New DS5 officially goes on sale today. New DS5 combines bold, modern styling with a luxurious aviation-inspired interior featuring a cockpit roof and pilot-style cabin. Compact and agile, spacious and versatile, DS5 has five doors, five full-size seats and up to 465-litres of boot space. Créative Technologie includes keyless … [Read more...]

New Passat Alltrack available 28th May


With its raised ride height, 4MOTION four-wheel drive and rugged body enhancements, the new Passat Alltrack has everything you need to venture off the beaten track; but customers need venture no further than their local Volkswagen Retailer to order one, ahead of the first cars arriving in showrooms in the UK on 28 May. Based on the popular and … [Read more...]