August 26, 2015

Test Drive Checklist


Reasons to Do a Test Drive and Things to Look Out For Test driving your new car isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute must; because a great looking car might get you from A to B but another car might get you there in more comfort and safety. Of course, taking a test drive is one thing, but if you don’t have a good idea of what you’re testing, you … [Read more...]

Second-hand BMW Buyer’s Guide


Buying a used car can be quite an awe-inspiring project. If you don't know what to look for and which questions to ask, it's very possible to get stuck with a car that has hidden faults that you may not find out until it's too late. The good thing about buying a used BMW is that they have an excellent reputation for reliability. That said you … [Read more...]

21.69% of secondhand cars have adverse history


MyCarCheck, the UK consumer vehicle data provider, has published new statistics on used car buying risks. It has also commissioned cartoonist Wil Walker to highlight the issues in a series of Reg Plate sketches. The percentage of checks showing at least one adverse history marker (incl. stolen, previously written-off, finance debt etc) … [Read more...]

One weak link


I was reminded today of the importance of always keeping your eye on the ball and never, ever taking anything for granted. In the car business it really doesn’t take much to turn a customer (potential or otherwise) off so getting everyone in the chain of command to buy into the customer service ethic is vital, now more so than ever. Just one … [Read more...]

Car manufacturers and the iPhone generation


It’s true to say that they really don’t make a bad car anymore. Gone are the dark days of the pre-glasnost Skoda and the Austin “All Agro” when cars were seemingly thrown together and would be lucky to see the year out before succumbing to one major malfunction or another. These days’ cars get ever more sophisticated and in this gadget hungry, … [Read more...]

The blame game, “whipcash” and easy targets


Having been in the business for nearly 20 years now it still amuses me when I still regularly observe the bad press that 'used cars' get. You can barely watch a programme without some reference to the dodgy practices of the used car salesman. For sure anyone watching the documentary series “The dealership” really couldn’t fail but have their … [Read more...]

Tips For Protecting Your Vehicle


For people who care particularly about their cars, protecting and preserving the value of those cars is of the utmost importance. Of course, any car that is driven decreases to some extent in value (unless significant additions and upgrades are made). However, there are a number of steps that can be taken not only to minimize the decline in value, … [Read more...]

Smoke and mirrors in the UK car market


It seems as if the motor trade in the UK is going from strength to strength. Sales are buoyant, the order banks are filling up, there are many new models coming to market and f&i income is at an all-time high. Scratch beneath the surface however and many dealers will tell you that it’s not all it seems. Although the headlines will say that … [Read more...]

Believe it or not Subaru drivers are the safest on the road


The Subaru is shaking off its image as a ‘boy racer’ classic. According to analysis by MoneySupermarket, drivers of the Japanese brand are the least likely to make a claim for an ‘at fault’ accident on their car insurance.1 The UK’s number one comparison site analysed over 13 million car insurance quotes run on the site over 12 months, and of … [Read more...]

Happy days are here again – or are they?


Last week seemed to be bursting with good news for the UK, rugby and tennis wins, house prices on the up and reports of economic upturns and corners turned. Add to this the fact that summer has apparently decided to make a long overdue appearance then the overall effect is a resounding “feel good” one. However (you knew that was coming didn’t … [Read more...]

A Buyer’s Guide to First Impressions


In life first impressions make all the difference and this is no less true when buying a car. Having an appropriate first impression in the car showroom can save you time and money. It better informs sales people so that they only show you cars that are right for you and, more crucially, gives the impression that you are confident which may help … [Read more...]

5 car Insurance fails


Anyone who buys a car will know about car insurance but some people may be on “auto-pilot” when it comes to renewal time or simply never give the whole process very much thought and end up making costly mistakes with their policies. With that in mind we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the 5 most common car insurance “fails” that … [Read more...]

UK new car market being “force fed” by the manufacturers


As the numbers keep telling us the new car market in the UK is seemingly in robust health and on the up and up, but is the story underneath as rosy as the headlines suggest? Whilst I would be the last one to do-down any worthwhile signs of economic recovery it is worth pointing out that the overriding reason that the UK new car market is showing … [Read more...]

Selling cars – it’s all about timing


Seasonal cars Many types of cars will be, what we refer to in the trade as seasonal in that they always sell better at certain times of the year, and by “better” we of course mean quicker and for more money! Naturally cabriolets will be a classic example of this. The basics are really quite simple; when the weather hots up a bit everyone … [Read more...]

The MTI guide to selling a car safely


Scams - Professional car dealers need to be aware of all the scams surrounding the sale of used cars and so should you. There are just so many dodgy email scams in operation that it's difficult to see how anyone might be taken in by them. Nevertheless, numerous people are seduced by them - make sure you don't fall prey to these thieves and keep … [Read more...]

Buoyant new car market presents challenges for dealers


Trade buyers are now actively seeking older, higher mileage, small, economical cars to stock their forecourts, as buyers continue to look for bargains. There are now 2 district variety of customers, those who 'rent' their cars like our American cousins through PCP’s or other leases and those who pay cash. You may say that is how it’s always been … [Read more...]

Anxiety builds in the motoring industry, ahead of planned DVLA local office closures


Motor industry being left in the dark as local DVLA office closures loom Most individuals and business owners that work in the motor trade will have been watching out for updates on the imminent DVLA Regional and Local Office closures with baited breath. Since the official announcement was made last summer, much speculation has surrounded the … [Read more...]

Car market weathervane


The recent truncated spell of winter weather has played havoc with traditional buying patterns. Just when the sun pops out from behind the clouds one step outside tells us it still cold and biting so buying a summery drop top is still not on the horizon. Whilst normally the queue for buyers of 4wd drives would start to dwindle at this time of … [Read more...]

PCP’s more popular than ever for credit hungry Brits


Funding cars by PCP (Personal contract purchase) is rapidly becoming the norm, it is reckoned that as many as 60% of car buyers use a PCP to buy their next car and this figure is only going in one direction. Although many of us do not necessarily like the thought of another monthly commitment it is invariably better than to have an older car … [Read more...]

March Madness!


With March well and truly underway many dealers are caught in the crossfire of the car maker’s market share war! Some of our people are telling us that the targets are not only unrealistic but causing forced registrations as the manufacturers continue to incentivise dealers to pre-register new cars in order to grab more share. The effect of … [Read more...]

DVLA and unlucky 13


There is likely to be a short term rise in the amount of personal plates being acquired as buyers keen to avoid an unlucky 13 plate, but still wanting a new car, turn to private registrations to avoid the perceived bad luck. This sort of behavior, fear of the number 13, even has its own specifically recognized phobia, Triskaidekaphobia. The … [Read more...]

Choosing a new car


When the time comes to buy a new car it can be pretty overwhelming and easy to get confused – with literally hundreds of cars to choose from, new and second hand options, and all sorts of concerns around environmental impact and fuel efficiency, it can be hard to know where to begin. A key starting point is to decide on your budget. Once you … [Read more...]

Used car sales suffer as manufacturers go for broke


As March is now upon us it appears that the car makers scrap for market share is hotting up. Some of our dealers are reporting a 50% increase in new car orders year on year and indeed many have already achieved their March objective and it's only the 1st of the month! Whilst this means many sales execs will have a rather tasty pay packet, on the … [Read more...]

Could the 13 plate change be unlucky for dealers?

luck asked over 2,000 car buyers whether the upcoming 13 number plate would put them off buying a new car. Cars registered between 1st March and 31st August will carry the 13 number plate. There was speculation over the DVLA potentially allowing people to skip out the ‘unlucky’ 13 plate altogether and revert to the 62 plate, … [Read more...]

Is there something seriously wrong with the UK new car market?


Here's a peculiar conundrum for you. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association new car registrations fell 8.5% in January to the lowest level for more than 20 years – Registrations fell to 918,280 new cars, and the ACEA said it is the slowest January since its records began in 1990. But in an amazing contrast, UK car buyers … [Read more...]