September 2, 2015

A new battery for electric vehicles will increase range to 400 miles


One of the disadvantages of electric cars is their limited range. Hybrid cars overcome that problem, but to do so they need to turn on their petrol or diesel engine, so they are not as efficient as they might be if the batteries that powered these vehicles had a longer range. For many years research has been carried out on improving battery … [Read more...]

Sponsored video: Free range Chevrolet Volt


Despite what many climate change deniers may want to believe the growing desirability of the electric car is not going to dissipate any time soon. The main objection against electric vehicles seems to be “range anxiety” (the compelling fear that a vehicle has insufficient charge to reach its intended destination thus leaving the vehicle's occupants … [Read more...]

Will more drivers go electric as fuel sales fall?


Will more drivers go electric as fuel sales fall? With the news of a massive drop in the amount of petrol and diesel sold in the UK in the first six months of 2011, it has seemingly increased the possibility of more disgruntled drivers switching more fuel efficient or electric cars in a bid to reducing the long-term costs associated with staying … [Read more...]

More EV puff, this time from BMW


BMW have revealed that they have successfully completed the year-long trial of their electric car the Mini E. The initiative, launched with government backing, saw nearly 138 drivers try out 40 Mini E cars over a 12-month period. BMW leased the cars to businesses as well as private individuals. According to the BMW, 96% of motorists who drove … [Read more...]

Expert issues money-saving tips to cash-strapped drivers


British motorists concerned about sky-high petrol prices are being advised by an insurance expert at moneysupermarket to car share, avoid harsh accelerating and braking and find an alternative mode of transport for short journeys in order to save money. Pete Harrison’s recommendations come after the leading price comparison website looked into … [Read more...]

Ever had one of those moments?


I recently had what some might call a ‘moment. Not one of those moments where a beautiful girl stops you dead in your tracks or your team scores the winner in stoppage time but a moment none the less. The debate about petrol and diesel will persist as technology and performance constantly improve as the cost of fuel continues to rise. I for … [Read more...]

“I do low miles so I want a low mileage car”


In the ever changing world of car sales the demands of buyers seem to be constantly one step ahead. For example I was in conversation with some car dealers recently who told me their selling criteria had certainly changed to meet the latest economic conditions but not just in the ways you might expect. Sure the cost of motoring has risen … [Read more...]

Smoking in cars – it stinks!


Smoking is outlawed in most places in the UK today and a look outside any pub or office will bring your attention to a huddle of hardened smokers in any town, who are becoming an increasingly marginalised minority. Let’s be honest even if you are a 60 a day smoker who is determined to enjoy the habit no matter what, you have to admit that not … [Read more...]

Electric cars will always be “the next big thing”


It appears that our commitment to greener cars is likely to hit the buffers in years to come as the prohibitive cost of maintaining electric cars becomes reality. Car makers have made great strides in embracing green technology and have managed to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of many cars. Indeed the larger manufacturers are likely to … [Read more...]

Demand at all time high for eco-friendly, economical cars


A record amount of drivers in the United Kingdom are searching for fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles, and green car sales are going to sky rocket over the coming months, a new report says. According to, the interest in low emission vehicles is at its highest level at any time, with consumer interest rising 28% between December … [Read more...]

UK new car CO2 emissions down 3.5% in 2010


The carbon emissions of new cars issued in the UK fell 3.5% in 2010 compared to the previous year. Figures from the 10th annual New Car CO2 Report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveal that the average car emissions are now 144.2 g/km of CO2. Over the last 10 years, car emissions have dropped by more than 20% while … [Read more...]

High cost of motoring affecting used car buying decisions


Trade used car guide Glass’s is reporting increasing demand for cars with low running costs as consumers adjust to the rising cost of fuel and insurance. In editorial for the April edition Glass’s Guide managing editor Adrian Rushmore said buyers were opting for lower powered cars in the lower medium sector and downsizing in the executive … [Read more...]

First Nissan Leaf’s are delivered to customers


From the 21st March hard-pressed families have the chance to bypass the crippling cost of filling a tank with the launch of the world’s first affordable, mass produced 100% electric car. The Nissan LEAF, which goes on sale across the UK from the 21st March, promises to turn back the clock thirty years to an era when the cost of fuel was six … [Read more...]

Toyota global hybrid sales top 3 million


Worldwide cumulative sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles have topped the three million mark, with 3.03 million recorded by the end of February this year. Since the launch of the Toyota Coaster Hybrid EV coach in August 1997 and the introduction of the first-generation Prius – the world’s first mass-produced hybrid – in December the same year, Toyota … [Read more...]

Rolls-Royce unveil electric test vehicle


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled the 102EX, a one-off, fully electric powered Phantom at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday March 1st. The car will tour the world during 2011, serving as a test bed to gather a bank of research data which will be crucial in informing future decisions on alternative drive-trains for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “We have … [Read more...]

Survey reveals motorists looking to cut costs


As many as two out of three motorists are planning to change driving habits because of sky-high fuel and insurance prices, according to a survey. Nearly half (48.2%) say their next car will be a more fuel-efficient model, the poll by found. Also, 11.4% plan to buy a new car that is cheaper to insure while 8% plan to ditch … [Read more...]

First LEAFS arrive on UK shores in low emission ship’s maiden voyage


The world’s most energy efficient car carrier has brought 60 Nissan LEAFS to the Port of Tyne in preparation for the March 1st UK sales launch. Thanks to its unusual design the City of St Petersburg uses its aerodynamic bow to reduce wind resistance by 50% reducing CO2 emissions by 2,500 tons per year. CO2 emissions reduction is a major focus … [Read more...]

The changing world of motoring


The motoring world is in the midst of a revolution. All motorists are well aware that the cost of fuel seems to be ever increasing, while recently revealed that the cost of car insurance has risen by 40% in the past year for the average driver.  To top all of this off, VAThas risen to 20% which will ultimately place a further … [Read more...]

Green cars – a practical option?


Do you consider yourself to be an environmentally conscious driver? How about when it comes to buying your next car? Well if you feel your green credentials slipping with the second question then you are not alone. New research has shown that although 85% of motorists would like to do their bit for the environment when buying a new car, … [Read more...]

BBC “Mini adventure” EV challange criticised


On Monday, BBC journalist Brian Milligan began driving from London to Edinburgh in an all-electric Mini, using only publicly accessible charging locations. While the challenge was promoted by the BBC as aiming to put EV technology and infrastructure to a true test, the nature of the challenge has been criticised and described as being unfair by … [Read more...]

Scrappage clawback?


The much lauded scrappage scheme may not have been quite the saviour of the UK motor industry than perhaps it might have been. Word is reaching us that many manufacturers and their dealerships are being hit with big demands for money from the government seeking to claw back funds for what it calls “non-compliance”. It could very well be the … [Read more...]

Eco driving tips from Smart


Here's a light-hearted video with a serious message. Eco-Driving Expert Mick Linford gives us his top tips on saving fuel and getting the best economy from your car. Mick has twice driven the smart fortwo cdi pulse coupé to victory in the ALD Automotive/Total ECO 10 MPG Marathon. In the 2010 event, his winning figure was a staggering 94.66 miles … [Read more...]

Toyota produce special 10 year anniversary Prius


The Toyota Prius hybrid has turned street-sharp with front, rear and side skirts, 17 inch smoked-finish alloys and dark-tinted privacy glass. The new look belongs to a special edition model that celebrates the hybrid's first 10 years in the UK. The new Prius 10th Anniversary is still every bit as fuel-frugal and tax-friendly as its more … [Read more...]

New Mazda2 model will achieve 70 MPG


Mazda has revealed that its next Mazda2/Demio supermini would get fuel economy of 70 mpg without the help of an electric motor, in all probability rendering it the most fuel-efficient petrol car on the road. The car will be launched in Japan in the first half of next year and will be the first product to be equipped with Mazda's next-generation … [Read more...]

Green car emissions improve by 21% in 4 years

According to green car news website there has been a 21% reduction in the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of class-leading green cars over the last four years. This compares with the average industry reduction of 13% across all cars for a similar period. The figures are an average for the best-in-class cars in the Green Car … [Read more...]