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I want to go away and think about it…

As many businesses in the car retail sector wrestle with selling cars to a better educated market, we thought it would be interesting to explore how modern car dealers present themselves to their more knowledgeable clientele. They have to be completely customer centric but at the same time still need to employ traditional selling and […]

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Renault are the comeback kings!

2010 Car Makers Champions League winners, Renault boosted global sales by 14% last year to a record as emerging markets rebounded and government sales subsidies drove European demand. Renault sold 2.63 million units worldwide, compared with 2.31 million in 2009 but believe the European market will stagnate or contract as much as 2% in 2010 […]

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Autotrader v Autotrader – what’s in a name?

In April last year you might recall we published an article entitled “When is autotrader not autotrader?” in which we wrote concerning the unusual web diversion from to and latterly and it turned out a number of people had noticed the redirection too and were scratching their heads as a result. We […]

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