August 26, 2015

I want to go away and think about it…


As many businesses in the car retail sector wrestle with selling cars to a better educated market, we thought it would be interesting to explore how modern car dealers present themselves to their more knowledgeable clientele. They have to be completely customer centric but at the same time still need to employ traditional selling and closing … [Read more...]

Renault are the comeback kings!


2010 Car Makers Champions League winners, Renault boosted global sales by 14% last year to a record as emerging markets rebounded and government sales subsidies drove European demand. Renault sold 2.63 million units worldwide, compared with 2.31 million in 2009 but believe the European market will stagnate or contract as much as 2% in 2010 … [Read more...]

I want my car and I want it now!


Sometimes, as we all know, things can go very wrong, despite the best efforts of all concerned. The following tale of woe does actually have a happy ending but the whole sorry mess could easily have been avoided had attention, as always, been applied to the detail. The story begins with an enthusiastic car buyer (we’ll call him Mr. Smith) … [Read more...]

Kia exceeding expectations


In the past here on MTI we have tended not to do too many car reviews. This was mainly because we thought the web was awash with them and our contributors preferred to voice their opinion about what they saw as other more pressing matters. Despite this the reviews we have done have all proved popular so we know there is an appetite for them. At … [Read more...]

Autotrader v Autotrader – what’s in a name?


In April last year you might recall we published an article entitled “When is autotrader not autotrader?” in which we wrote concerning the unusual web diversion from to and latterly and it turned out a number of people had noticed the redirection too and were scratching their heads as a result. We … [Read more...]

Four thousand reasons not to buy the wrong car

On Motor Trade Insider, as regular readers will have noticed, we have a firm belief in what some may regard as a utopian vision; car buyers buying the right car at the right price from the right dealer. The other side of that particular mission statement is that for providing great cars followed by a first class service car dealers are rewarded … [Read more...]

Car insurance and the recently passed driver

As a young driver it can be difficult securing cheap car insurance. To help with this we have created a guide which may help you with the process. If you’re a teenage driver who has just passed your practical driving test, chances are you can’t wait to get behind the wheel on your own. However, there is still one roadblock to pass – securing car … [Read more...]

MTI’s top iconic cars

It's the weekend, the sun is shining and spring has sprung. What better time to get the tarps off the classic motor, get it out of the garage and get out and about just for the pure pleasure of driving. It may not be environmentally friendly but, who knows we may not be able to enjoy these freedoms for too much longer. And what about those of us … [Read more...]

The ASBO car top 10

I was in the high street shopping with my wife recently when in the distance I heard a distinct “doompf, doompf, doompf” sound emanating from what appeared to be an almost unrecognizable Citroen Saxo containing four pasty faced youths. I observed this badly modified Saxo and its unpleasant cargo driving around and around the area and cropping up on … [Read more...]

Top 10 inappropriate cars for very old people

Last weekend I was sitting at the traffic lights, in my Honda Civic Hybrid minding my own business when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a gigantic Hummer H2 heave into view and pull up alongside me. Nothing too much out of the ordinary there I suppose, apart from the fact that you perhaps don’t see too many of them on the UK roads, except … [Read more...]

MTI – The ugly car top 10

As a small diversion from all the serious news about the economy and general doom and gloom we here at MTI have put together a list of the top 10 ugliest cars ever to grace(?) our roads. Hey it's our list so if your car's not on it then let us know (or if your car is on it and you feel outraged!). (Ugly or "ugliness" is a property of a person or … [Read more...]