August 26, 2015

Selling cars – it’s all about timing


Seasonal cars Many types of cars will be, what we refer to in the trade as seasonal in that they always sell better at certain times of the year, and by “better” we of course mean quicker and for more money! Naturally cabriolets will be a classic example of this. The basics are really quite simple; when the weather hots up a bit everyone … [Read more...]

The MTI guide to selling a car safely


Scams - Professional car dealers need to be aware of all the scams surrounding the sale of used cars and so should you. There are just so many dodgy email scams in operation that it's difficult to see how anyone might be taken in by them. Nevertheless, numerous people are seduced by them - make sure you don't fall prey to these thieves and keep … [Read more...]

Top 5 Aftermarket Add-Ons for Family Cars


Today's family vehicles boast quality features that are light years ahead of those clunky station wagons and minivans of yesteryear. Whether you're picking up the kids from school en route to football practice in your Chevy Suburban, navigating the highway behind the wheel of your Honda Odyssey for your daily commute to work, or just out for a … [Read more...]

Confused by used car prices? You’re not alone


It’s hardly surprising that car buyers are struggling to get an accurate price for their trade in, the market moves rapidly and today’s hero car is potentially tomorrow’s betamax. The trade guides rarely find common ground on the values of many cars and many professional buyers use their own skill and experience to value cars without necessarily … [Read more...]

Is anyone really surprised by OFT report into


It just goes to show you how tricky the emotive issue of valuing someone’s car can be, as the OFT investigation into demonstrates; dig a little under the surface and perhaps the “we buy any car” strap line might have to read “yes we will buy any car but we will dangle a carrot first and then take it away when you are virtually … [Read more...]

Knowledge is power


Car dealers will potentially be competing for far fewer customers this year as austerity measures bite hard into the retail sector. It will therefore be vital that they not only offer tremendous service and value for money but they also ensure that customers are offered the very best price for their part-exchange. Many prospective buyers are … [Read more...]

Don’t turn out the lights just yet


The pressure is on, there will be fewer people looking to change their cars this year and fewer still looking to change into a brand new car. Buyers are looking for bargains and the thousands of scrappage customers who papered over the cracks and gave the business a big shot in the arm last year are unlikely to re-surface for quite some … [Read more...]

Earning the right to be successful


It does seem that every time we turn on the TV or radio there is more bad news. Today unemployment up again, inflation up, economic growth down, interest rates likely to rise again, jobless figures for 18-23 yr olds at an all time high and so on. This kind of bad news will probably test our will for some time yet as this bunch look to justify the … [Read more...]

I want to go away and think about it…


As many businesses in the car retail sector wrestle with selling cars to a better educated market, we thought it would be interesting to explore how modern car dealers present themselves to their more knowledgeable clientele. They have to be completely customer centric but at the same time still need to employ traditional selling and closing … [Read more...]

Car sales techniques are fine as long as everyone knows the score


Being part of a merry band of 'insiders' can be quite fun at times and gives us an opportunity to tell tales and give away some trade secrets, and unlike the magic circle we hopefully won’t get thrown out for revealing the more darker examples. We have thankfully not sworn an oath to never disclose tricks and sales techniques, and at the end of the … [Read more...]

I want my car and I want it now!


Sometimes, as we all know, things can go very wrong, despite the best efforts of all concerned. The following tale of woe does actually have a happy ending but the whole sorry mess could easily have been avoided had attention, as always, been applied to the detail. The story begins with an enthusiastic car buyer (we’ll call him Mr. Smith) … [Read more...]

Car Makers Champions League 2010


Decembers’ new car registration figures are in so we can take a look at the final table for 2010. Who won the league? Who made it into Europe? Who got relegated? All will be revealed but firstly let’s take a look at the Car Makers Premier League for December 2010. This month’s Car Makers Premier League (based on the SMMT figures for UK new car … [Read more...]

Scrappage clawback?


The much lauded scrappage scheme may not have been quite the saviour of the UK motor industry than perhaps it might have been. Word is reaching us that many manufacturers and their dealerships are being hit with big demands for money from the government seeking to claw back funds for what it calls “non-compliance”. It could very well be the … [Read more...]

Not much joy in the figures for US car market in 2010


Industry insiders from Automotive News are calling the US new car market at 11.5 million units for the year. This is based on year to date figures for sales of cars and light trucks of 8,573,732 units, a rise of 10.4 percent. A final figure of 11.5 million units would amount to a 10.2% improvement on last year but it should be remembered that … [Read more...]

Will VW say adiós to Seat?


How much has changed at Seat in the last 60 years? Not a great deal it appears since its humble beginnings. A tie-up between the Spanish government and Fiat saw Spain’s first car manufacturer take off. By re-badging the Fiat 600 and later the Panda, Seat struck a chord with cheap and affordable motoring and by 1967 Fiat increased its shareholding … [Read more...]

A sales team’s no good with 11 defenders


Many of the car dealers we speak with are becoming increasingly worried about the experience given to customers in showrooms. Believe it or not, as the profile of salesperson has evolved businesses are struggling to attract what we would call actual sales professionals into the car trade. Not only has the demands of the customer changed but … [Read more...]

Car dealerships and the high cost of apathetic sales people


Oh dear, hot on the heels of our story the other day about the car dealer who hit back (literally) and the customer who carried out a dirty protest at the dealership comes the following tale of woe from an honest punter who just wanted to, believe it or not, buy a car. We have remarked recently about how hard certain salespeople are going to … [Read more...]

The car dealer who hit back


As you may be aware we have been bringing examples of bad dealers and their equally bad service but to balance it we need examples of bad buyers and this one may just fit the bill. Running your own business certainly has its ups and downs and making your own decisions but being ultimately responsible for your own success means that, at least … [Read more...]

Car dealership customer service stinks!

Firstly those with a sensitive disposition should probably stop reading at the end of this first paragraph because what I am about to recount has a particularly unpleasant denouement but is definitely a tale that needs to be told. Before I start I should mention that this is a true story recounted to me the other day by a still clearly bemused … [Read more...]

New or used, it’s not always a simlple decision

New car sales people versus used car sales people; who has the easier life? There are many buyers out there who always have and always will buy brand new cars and of course those who would only buy used or second-hand (or as some prefer to call them, previously enjoyed). This cemented position for many buyers may be due to bad experience; if … [Read more...]

Recalls really aren’t that exciting

With the recent problems besieging Toyota and the terrible publicity that surrounds their massive global recall program we thought it might be interesting to take a deeper look into the whole recall issue that affects all manufacturers at some time or another. In car manufacturing recalls come with the territory and millions of vehicles are … [Read more...]

Price swings – So how does a dealer price a used car?

With the market recently becoming a somewhat more favourable place for used car buyers after almost constant rises throughout 2009 it may cause some consternation as to why there sometimes seems such a large swing in price across a similar age, mileage and model range. It may also then interest car buyers to know just how a dealer arrives at a … [Read more...]

Take your friend in the trade with you to the showroom


Buying a car in today’s seemingly ever-changing and fast paced world is certainly more complicated than it ever has been. The truth is the buyer has far more decisions to make during the buying process and is faced with far more choice than ever before. Only a few short years ago anyone wanting to buy a car was really at the mercy of professional … [Read more...]

Funding a car purchase – an insider guide

It is always an idea, before you commit to the purchase of your next car, to do some research on line. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. The same can also be said for the funding solution. There are always some great deals to be had from certain dealers and manufacturer backed finance houses, however it is also sensible to do some comparisons on … [Read more...]

On the inside reporting the good, the bad and the ugly

At Motor Trade Insider we have a clearly defined mission statement which states our desire to be a link between all aspects of the car business and the people who support that business, the customer. We also aim to be a barometer of the climate in new and used car sales. With the current situation as fluid as it is, we believe that revealing … [Read more...]