September 2, 2015

Merc’s Vito Proves a Good Sport


If you daubed a red slash down the side of the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport’s black edition and filled it with a crack commando unit of military fugitives, there would still be plenty of storage and load bearing capacity for an arsenal of weaponry, some heavy duty welding equipment, and a couple gallons of sedative-laced milk. Empty, both the Vito … [Read more...]

New 4×4 car entries – Jeep Cherokee


The 4x4 market has always been a tricky nut to crack, and in the modern world of increasing environmental awareness and high taxation on gas-guzzling machines, it’s becoming ever harder. The appeal for Jeep’s newer models, though, is increasing just as quickly, and the latest Cherokee is no different. Although over here we tend to see 4x4s and … [Read more...]

Honda Civic Tourer review


It's strange, really. Many car manufacturers release estate versions of their cars; Volkswagen with the Golf, Hyundai with the i30, Seat with the Ibiza; yet few can master the art of balance. You see, what each of those estate cars have in common is that they're really, really ugly, in a twisted and uninspiring kind of way. Yet, one car … [Read more...]

Fun and Affordable, the Scion FR-S Offers the Best of Both Worlds


In the world of sports cars, reasonably priced models tend to be a rarity. But that’s exactly what the Scion FR-S gives to drivers everywhere. While many cars may offer a dependable ride, they just can't hold a candle to the driving experience afforded by the FR-S. Partly inspired by the iconic vehicles of the 70s and 80s, the FR-S offers drivers … [Read more...]

Is the Renault Modus the perfect family car?


If you're looking for the perfect family car, then chances are you've limited your search to estates and MPV's. There is a case for a 4x4 in family life, but estates and MPV's tend to be cheaper to buy, run and maintain. Therefore, they are better suited to most families. The Renault Modus is an MPV that's been extremely popular since it first … [Read more...]

Should you buy the new MINI roadster?


If you want to buy a small car for city driving and are not sure whether your budget will stretch to a Mercedes or BMW, a MINI roadster could be your best option. The stylish new MINI roadster is economical at 49.6 mpg and reaches an impressive top speed of 124mph. So when you’re tired of all that constant gear changing and stop-starting whilst … [Read more...]

Is the Citroen C1 the best super mini?


The Citroen C1 is more than 6 years old. Hard to believe, isn't it? The C1 (even older models from 2006) still look great today, but as is the way with the car market, more modern competition is taking away Citroens sales. So, is the C1 still a good buy? Review The Citroen C1 has now undergone its second face lift and it's cuter than ever. … [Read more...]

Renault Twizy F1 Review


Depending on your knowledge of Renault, you'll either know the company best for reasonably priced runabouts and family cars, or fire-breathing, wheel-cocking hot hatches. It was in 1980 when the first Renault 5 Turbo rolled off the production line and it immediately won over the motoring press and the British consumer. In 1999, the company unveiled … [Read more...]

Overview – The Tesla Model S


Following on from the tepidly popular Roadster, Tesla has entered the UK market once more with the Model S, an electric saloon looking to take on the likes of Mercedes’ S-class and Audi’s A8. Tesla’s future was in some doubt earlier this year due to financial worries, but the Californian firm look to be going full steam ahead with its vehicle … [Read more...]

Ford Focus ST loses its sparkle


The UK has always had an appetite for fast Fords and in some ways I've always thought the British have been its most loyal followers. I don't see any other country adoring the Dagenham hot hatch like we do. Like a proud father, I feel somewhat protective now that Ford has made the new Focus a global car. More importantly, this is the first of the … [Read more...]

New Alfa Romeo Spider


Having been out of the motor industry for 10 years but keeping up with the ongoing growth and development of my previous industry as an interest and hobby rather than my career, as well as being a world traveller having worked with the Italians and visiting Italy on a regular basis, the proposal for the new Alfa Spider being platform shared with … [Read more...]

New Porsche Boxster S


Hard to imagine that the original Boxster was launched back in1993. There have already been several incarnations since, but the latest 2012 Porsche Boxster is the first time buyers have been offered a genuinely new model. It's fresh from the road up, which really makes it an interesting proposition. I've always thought the Toyota MR2 has some … [Read more...]

A noteworthy experience on holiday


The Nissan Note, to be honest I didn’t think I would ever be seen dead in such a car. Firstly it looks like the kind of car driven by people I would normally detest and secondly it’s just not “me”. However when you go on holiday and really need something cost effective to get you to your villa (OK I’m pushing it, will apartment do?) from the … [Read more...]

The new Bentley Continental GT V8


This is the all-new Continental GT V8. It might look the same as the W12 but if you take a proper poke around you’ll notice the differences. I'll come onto these later. The main reason you need to read on is to find out all there is to know about this all-new, twin-turbo V8. Co-developed with Audi, it's packed with technology that Bentley … [Read more...]

Latest Generation Toyota Corolla


The Toyota Corolla first arrived on our shores in the 1970s and its various versions stayed with us for almost 40 years, asserting it as a brilliantly reliable and practical car. The fact that this model survived the test of time coupled with selling over 30 million cars is a testament to its quality and popularity. The Corolla is not best known … [Read more...]

VW Amarok – basic but still a wolf


I have been driving my new VW Amarok for about 2 months and today I have decided to tell you all about it. Let me start by saying that reviewing cars is not my usual forte but the bods at MTI want a good truck story as winter sets in and as they found out I’d recently got one they asked me what I thought of it, so here goes. If you know anything … [Read more...]

The last 911 – The GT3 RS 4.0


Porsche have again raised the bar and will give the current 911 the ultimate send-off. If you've ever been fortunate enough to drive a Porsche, you'll know just how focused they are. With this the last 911 GT3 RS, Porsche have somehow turned it up to an extraordinary level. It really is a step on again. Project boss, Andreas Preuninger, has … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 6


Well we’ve been driving the new Focus now for 6 weeks and I thought I’d mention a couple of the things that I have found to be somewhat disappointing. Now the standard list price of our 1.6 EcoBoost Titanium model is £19,745 plus we have the “Candy Yellow” tri-coat paint job at £745 the “Driver Assistance Pack” at £750, the “Convenience Pack” … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 5


Well the time has come. I have been putting it off and largely procrastinating about it but the time has come to test out the Ford Focus “Active Park Assist” which is part of the £525 “Convenience Pack” optional extra (which also includes electrically assisted folding wing mirrors) on our Focus 1.6 EcoBoost Titanium. This pack is only available on … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 4


I managed to take the Focus out on an extended run down to London this week so I really got to see just how good the 1.6 litre 150PS EcoBoost engine is. Now I should point out that MTI is being courted at the moment by a new suitor, people or persons who must remain unnamed (for now) who would like to acquire our site. I should also point out that … [Read more...]

Skoda Yeti – So far from abominable it’s not true


Next up in our line-up of cars from the important crossover segment is the Skoda Yeti. Skoda Yeti review   What is it? Let’s get one thing out of the way straight away shall we? The name. Despite the negative connotations surrounding the name “Yeti” such as it being the “abominable snowman of the Himalayas” and being well, abominable, … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 3


If you remember last week’s instalment I left you with a little bit of a cliff hanger (well that probably makes it sound a little more exciting than it actually was but you get the idea). The Focus had been banging on about the tyre pressures all week and yes I had checked them and they seemed OK so I figured it must be some sort of computer fault. … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 2


OK week two with the new Focus and the discovery of the usb port hiding discretely in the glove box has been an unbridled delight. 8GB’s of tunes and audio books to get through before we have to hand the car back at the end of next month. Realistically I am not going to get through them all, even if I started driving now and didn’t stop for six … [Read more...]

Inside the…Lamborghini Aventador


This all new Lamborghini Aventador has been claimed by Lambo CEO, Stephan Winklemann, as a jump of two generations in development. If that's true, this could be the most significant car since the Countach. To make life even more difficult, owners Volkswagen demanded that this flagship model had to be a "world beating" super sports car. Not only did … [Read more...]

Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 1


The ford focus, being the UK’s best selling car of the last few years, has given a welcome profit to many a car dealer. It is a bit of a “go to” car for the independent dealer because there are invariably so many about. They have always been good value for money and a ‘bread and butter’ selling opportunity. The Focus has also been a very … [Read more...]