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Merc’s Vito Proves a Good Sport

If you daubed a red slash down the side of the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport’s black edition and filled it with a crack commando unit of military fugitives, there would still be plenty of storage and load bearing capacity for an arsenal of weaponry, some heavy duty welding equipment, and a couple gallons of sedative-laced milk. […]

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New 4×4 car entries – Jeep Cherokee

The 4×4 market has always been a tricky nut to crack, and in the modern world of increasing environmental awareness and high taxation on gas-guzzling machines, it’s becoming ever harder. The appeal for Jeep’s newer models, though, is increasing just as quickly, and the latest Cherokee is no different. Although over here we tend to […]

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Honda Civic Tourer review

It’s strange, really. Many car manufacturers release estate versions of their cars; Volkswagen with the Golf, Hyundai with the i30, Seat with the Ibiza; yet few can master the art of balance. You see, what each of those estate cars have in common is that they’re really, really ugly, in a twisted and uninspiring kind […]

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Is the Renault Modus the perfect family car?

If you’re looking for the perfect family car, then chances are you’ve limited your search to estates and MPV’s. There is a case for a 4×4 in family life, but estates and MPV’s tend to be cheaper to buy, run and maintain. Therefore, they are better suited to most families. The Renault Modus is an […]

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Should you buy the new MINI roadster?

If you want to buy a small car for city driving and are not sure whether your budget will stretch to a Mercedes or BMW, a MINI roadster could be your best option. The stylish new MINI roadster is economical at 49.6 mpg and reaches an impressive top speed of 124mph. So when you’re tired […]

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