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Do I Need a Premises to Work in the Motor Trade?

If you’re thinking of starting a business in the motor trade then you’ve likely considered whether you need a premises or not. The simple answer to this question is – it depends. There are certain industries in the motor trade where you absolutely need a premises. For example, MOT centres, tyre fitters, valeting agents and […]

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Anxiety builds in the motoring industry, ahead of planned DVLA local office closures

Motor industry being left in the dark as local DVLA office closures loom Most individuals and business owners that work in the motor trade will have been watching out for updates on the imminent DVLA Regional and Local Office closures with baited breath. Since the official announcement was made last summer, much speculation has surrounded […]

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DVLA and unlucky 13

There is likely to be a short term rise in the amount of personal plates being acquired as buyers keen to avoid an unlucky 13 plate, but still wanting a new car, turn to private registrations to avoid the perceived bad luck. This sort of behavior, fear of the number 13, even has its own […]

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