Motor Trade Insider Editorial Team

Motor Trade Insider – Editorial Team

Iain Ronayne, Managing Editor - Motor Trade InsiderIain Ronayne, Managing Editor
Being Managing Editor of means Iain pulls everything together. He originally concieved the project along with a seasoned motor trade professional who still prefers to remain anonymous. Iain’s background is in IT email systems and web design, two disciplines that still come in very handy. Iain contributes various articles and statistical analysis and is MTI’s car reviewer in chief.


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Steven Bell, Staff Writer - Motor Trade InsiderSteven Bell, Staff Writer
Steve has been working in the motor trade since 1992. He had a brief spell in service management for Volvo and Skoda but eventually settled into assistant management roles. Steve currently works as a Service Consultant for a Bentley dealership in Surrey. The writing bug started in 2005 when Steve was asked to carry out some test drives for Piston Heads. He continued in his spare time before taking up bigger assignments with several well known car websites. He started writing for MTIback in 2009.



Motor Trade InsiderInsider, Contributor the author name “In51der” is an amalgam for all the motor trade professionals who contribute articles daily to but, because of their jobs and the information they reveal, have to remain anonymous. Our “insiders” have a wealth of experience in the world of car retailing and as they still work actively in the trade on a daily basis the information they provide is up to the minute and completely relevant to today’s car buyer.

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