The Green List

Click here to find a list of what options car manufacturers are currenly offering the environmentally conscious customer… Green List Green cars – a practical option? Car makers use blue to get their green message accross Dealers may be tempted to overplay the green card Some car salespeople not getting the green message Jumping on […]

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Dealers don’t realise customers’ priorities

An interesting survey carried out by BCA (British Car Auctions) reveals the disparity between what customers want and what dealers think they want! (more…) The “good old days” were good for dealers not for customers Motor Trade Insider Editorial Team For dealers personalised plates don’t have to be a hassle Cherished plate transfers can be […]

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Changing face of motor manufacturers continued…

In our book on "Buying New Cars" we talk about the changing face of modern car manufacturers and "who owns who". We also state that it is an ever changing environment. With the news today that Ford have off-loaded Jaguar and Land Rover to Indian car maker TATA the story continues… (more…) Used Car Listings […]

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