How To Sell Your Car Like A Pro

COMPREHENSIVE 62 PAGE GUIDE on How To Sell Your Car Like A Pro

Pages packed with inside information from trade professionals with a wealth of experience retailing cars for profit!

Don’t lose money when you sell your car…

“Follow this guide when you sell your car and you may only have to show your car to one person, YOUR BUYER!”

Many people believe that selling their car to car buying websites like or will make their life easier. They believe that the service these websites offer will save them from the “hassle” of selling privately.

However what many people do not consider is that the service offered by these websites is a luxury and, as we all know, luxuries cost money. Why sell yourself short and receive a “trade” value for your car just because you think it might be easier? Because “easier” in this sense means “expensive”. In our guide “Sell Your Car Like A Pro!” we highlight one example where the range of values on a one year old car differed by as much as £8,000 and we’re sure you can guess which valuation was the lowest!

This guide will show you how to prepare, present and price your car just like the professionals do enabling you to sell your car first time and for the best price. Don’t give away all the profit in your car let us help you to Sell Your Car Like A Pro!

Car buying websites want you to believe selling your car outside the trade is a hassle (We Buy Any Car Investigation ¦ They will buy your car but beware of the asterisk). Car dealers want you to believe you’ll get more if you part-exchange your car, but where do you think your car ends up when you dispose of it through the trade? Yes, at a retail outlet where someone else takes YOUR profit!


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Sell Your Car Like A Pro!

YOU really can unlock the PROFIT potential in your car and keep all the money yourself. And guess what? YOU can buy a better car with the extra money you’ve made!

We have created a unique and indispensible guide that will show you exactly how to Sell Your Car Like A Pro!

Written exclusively by motor trade professionals with a wealth of experience selling cars for profit, this guide will give you all the information you need to unlock the profit potential in your car.

Why give that profit to someone else? Follow the hints and tips in Sell Your Car Like A Pro! and you will maximize your chances of selling your car first time for the best price!

Give yourself the competitive edge and let us demonstrate how you can achieve maximum profit from minimum outlay.

  • We’ll show you why “Spec sells”, how to discover your cars “hot spots” and how to accentuate those “must haves”.
  • We’ll show you how to set a realistic price for your car, where and how to sell it and how to achieve that price.
  • We’ll show you how professional car dealers market their stock and how you can make the best use of technology.
  • We’ll teach you about the “3P’s” Preparation, Presentation and Price.
  • We’ll let you know about the pitfalls and what to expect during the sales process.
  • We’ll show you how to write your ad and take the best photographs of your car.

Sell Your Car Like A Pro – rise above your competition and sell first time for the best price!

Many people, when they think “I need to sell my car” believe disposing through the trade is the easiest option. That may be true in certain circumstances but how much is it ultimately costing? If you take a standard used car valuation for a car from the trade and subtract it from the retail price, that is the car dealer’s margin. In other words that is the profit he is making on your car. Why not keep that profit for yourself and buy a better car in the process?

A common question we are asked is “how do I value my car?” Well this guide will not only show you how to successfully value your car but also how to properly prepare it for sale and profit from it.
You may be thinking “I need to sell my car fast” and can’t afford the time but if you follow this guide you may only have to show your car to one person, YOUR BUYER!

What do you think happens to the cars purchased by sites like and Well the cars are retailed back to the general public for…you guessed it…a PROFIT…YOUR profit!
If you sell your car online in the UK you will be reaching a potential audience of millions so don’t let other people enjoy the PROFIT in your car, keep it all for yourself!

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