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No pain, no gain?

Finding the exact used car you are looking for has not been easy this year and those that have found the car they wanted had to pay a premium to get it. The trade buyers have been in the same boat and it doesn’t seem to matter how bad the economic news has been the […]

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Which? report still rankles

I’m not going out on a limb when I say that customers negotiating on buying a new or used car today are in a better position than they have ever been. They have access to much more detailed information and with most dealers advertising the cars on-line there is certainly more transparency in how sales […]

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Even when buying a car, every little helps

Whilst all and sundry are worrying and fretting about cost savings and cuts, we need to start looking at ways of making car buying and maintenance as cost effective as possible. Here are some simple tips and advice when considering where to go. Car dealers are battling hard for your business always make an offer […]

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Wake up and smell the coffee

It’s a funny thing in the motor trade, customers are increasingly wondering why they are not getting the treatment they deserve for what is probably one of the largest financial investments they will ever make. Each week we hear of customers who are wandering around showrooms and no one is acknowledging their existence, let alone […]

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The car sales process and the “9 point plan”

The car sales process has been developed over many years and evolves with each new generation of sales teams, new products coming to the market and the need to develop new income streams and profit centres. The fundamental process has remained the same, however, and is designed with only one objective: to separate you from […]

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