August 29, 2015

Controlling the sales process can be good for everyone

The word control is used in many sales meetings and seminars in car retailing and for sales people it is a vital ingredient to ensuring that customers ‘do it their way’ and if correctly used can actually be good for both parties. With so much information available and so many different opinions, not to mention the eye watering list of potential … [Read more...]

The best deal is not always the cheapest

Whatever the surveys may tell us, and we have carried out a few ourselves, there is definitely a feeling of change within the car industry. It has always been very easy to find people who are dissatisfied with the service they have received, or who feel like they have been ripped off but it's always much harder to find buyers who have had a totally … [Read more...]

Car auctions starting to CAP clean up again

Well it looks like the surge is well and truly on. Talking to colleagues up and down the country, not only are they experiencing increased retail demand but they’re beginning to find it harder to source stock at auction and the prices are certainly strengthening. As predicted last year and apart from the early weather blip, the lead times for … [Read more...]

There is only so much you can do

On MTI We usually try and highlight the good as well as the bad aspects of the trade. We like to think that there are many great people who try to make a difference, but appreciate that with high financial stakes involved customers do not always feel like they have received the experience they deserve. Speaking from a personal point of view … [Read more...]

Car dealers need to meet buyer’s expectations and show the love

We often have to try and see both points of view when assessing what is right and wrong but sometimes it’s just not that easy. Make no bones about it the car business in the UK is many times better than it was in the bad old days. However, although there will always be customers who have a negative story to tell, and God knows we have some pretty … [Read more...]

Toyota recalls, fly by wire and too much technology

If there is one thing that has changed beyond all recognition since I started out in this business nearly thirty years ago, it’s the amount of electronic wizardry now fitted as standard to modern cars. Much of it, in my opinion is very necessary but some of it increasingly is totally unnecessary. Worse still, we don’t even have a choice. Take … [Read more...]

Some car sales people still ignoring customers once the deal’s been done

In our quest for a perfect world, we at MTI try and see the positives in everything. The reason we sometimes cannot take a definite stance is that we always know there are two sides to every story. We believe that this business is working harder than any other to clean up its act, becoming better at delighting customers and giving better value for … [Read more...]

Business is brisk as car buyers emerge from the cold

At last we are getting reports that trade is becoming brisk again, deals are being done and buyers, fed up with talking about the cold, are finding comfort in the warm inviting showrooms where the nice people there talk to them about cars. Interestingly many dealers are telling us that the business is being spread over the course of the week, … [Read more...]

Ease up on the rigid sales process or risk driving buyers away

A sales process is not unique to car retailing; there are many examples of direct selling where there will be a laser focussed approach to ensuring prospective customers are being handled to the satisfaction of the business management. In recent years, however, the following of “a process” has started to become slightly fanatical in the car … [Read more...]

Pictures sell motor cars. Fact

A simple statement of fact; quality of service and marketing will only improve if car dealers are to remain solvent in theses trying times. We here at Motor Trade Insider agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment and would probably take it a stage further. For instance when we look at the internet as a marketing tool, car dealer websites have … [Read more...]

Oversell the add-ons and something is going to crack

We often highlight at Motor Trade Insider the fact that the actual selling of a car is only a very small part of how the modern car dealer attempts to gain a profit and apart from the aftersales route and traditional finance packages there are now masses of products which can be sold as 'bolt ons' but which can easily make the whole transaction … [Read more...]

Long lead times a turn off for the now generation

We now live in a world where instant gratification is craved. We want everything and we want it all now, we simply don’t want to wait. Instant messages, email, fax, internet, fast food (the faster the better), Instant education, job, wealth, no waiting at the hospital; we want an instant diagnosis, and, of course, an instant cure. We want … [Read more...]

Buy your soft top in the winter, don’t sell it!

What is it about drop tops that make buyers behave so irrationally? In the spring it only takes the clocks to go back and a few daffodils to start sprouting and the cabrio crowd come out in force As soon as the frenzy starts demand hots up, supply dwindles and everybody has to pay top dollar, which I guess is just what the market does, why would … [Read more...]

The weather is depressing car sales

With all the negativity in the world of new car sales coming off the back of an encouraging end to 2009 the last thing the business needs is a prolonged cold snap. What is it about this country? The rest of the world must be laughing their heads off at us at the way we completely capitulate under a bit of snowy weather. The usual great start … [Read more...]

Calling the market will be just as hard in 2010

As expected the rush has kicked in. Many dealers have decided to give their hardworking staff a good break this year which has only led to a condensing of activity as the doors were flung open yesterday morning. Having now realised that there is actually more to life than red wine and rich food, I was actually quite delighted when I switched on the … [Read more...]

December new car sales could be a record

Many insiders are reporting to us that footfall in showrooms and auctions appears to be brisk and, the same as in the US (Analysts predict a 15 percent increase in December for US new car sales), there is great anticipation that new car sales for December may well be a record. The power of the message regarding VAT increases and price hikes are … [Read more...]

2009 and the year ahead

As 2009 draws to a close and we reflect on a tumultuous year it’s fair to say the ups and downs have been quite staggering. What, at the start of the year, was predicted to be the very worst of years, for many car dealers and some up and coming car makers (Kia, Hyundai etc) has actually been pretty good. As we look back on some of MTI's … [Read more...]

The mystery shop, car dealers and cherry picking

There is a major issue in car sales today, which dealers and manufacturers continue to wrestle with, and that’s “burning leads” or “cherry picking”. Although most manufacturers now incentivise their dealer network to ensure compliance, there is still a reliance on people which often leads to failure and therefore financial penalties. It … [Read more...]

What’s the French for barge pole?

It’s almost that time of year again isn’t it, and I am not talking about Slade records in every store, office parties on every corner, and not forgetting the overly large chap with the bushy white beard. Oh no, it’s far more important than that (for us motor dealers anyway.) The dreaded end of year accounting is almost upon us, did we make a … [Read more...]

VAT conundrum means it’s better to buy now

Another good reason for buyers to do a deal and buy a car this side of Christmas is that not only will they pay less VAT but the dealer will pay less VAT on his profit. This means he gets to keep more of it. In the new year the retailing of what the trade call “qualifying” used cars, which will usually be ex-company, leasing or rental cars (i.e. … [Read more...]

Take your friend in the trade with you to the showroom


Buying a car in today’s seemingly ever-changing and fast paced world is certainly more complicated than it ever has been. The truth is the buyer has far more decisions to make during the buying process and is faced with far more choice than ever before. Only a few short years ago anyone wanting to buy a car was really at the mercy of professional … [Read more...]

Can non-main dealer servicing be a false economy?

During an economic cool off the focus of most buyers’ attention will be on value for money, making cost savings and generally obtaining the best all round package. It is no wonder that, with the inevitably large financial outlay associated with car buying, that these factors now come powerfully into play. Deciding what is a cost saving and what, … [Read more...]

Enquiries brisk as everyone gears up for the future

As the motor trade braces itself for the expected (we hope!) Christmas rush, there seems to be a kind of “do I or don’t I” attitude prevailing among many dealers. Auction houses up and down the country seem to be packed to the rafters with cars and certainly lots of potential buyers. However there seems to be reluctance by vendors to accept the … [Read more...]

Government already hailing scrappage scheme a success

According to government figures more than 35,000 new cars have been ordered through the UK's scrappage scheme which started May 18th and ministers believe those cars would not have been sold had it not been for the financial incentive. … [Read more...]

Used car buying – beware of more scams in a recession

We wondered how long it would be before the skulduggery started but here is a horror story that happened to a car buyer recently. The chap in question had always wanted a Range Rover sport … [Read more...]