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Land of the rising Nissan

There can be no argument that Japanese manufacturers, along with quite a few other manufacturers it has to be said, have taken a bit of a hammering in the UK during and post the credit crunch and subsequent recession. Almost to a man they have lost market share and seen the number of new cars […]

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Which way will the used car market go?

The trade is holding its breath at present to see which way the used car market will go. Will supply outstrip demand and put downward pressure on values? Will there be the traditional January rush for stock after the usual end of year de-fleets or will the VAT issue attract buyers into making earlier purchasing […]

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Do car dealers “get the net”?

The searing pace of change on the internet will not slow and, as any internet marketer will tell you, if you stand still you go backwards. More people are using it and more new people will use it, as time goes on it will be the primary way we interact with businesses and make purchasing […]

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Inside the…BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series Review The BMW 1 series has been around since 2004 and comes in four different body styles; 3 and 5 door hatchback, coupe and convertible. In this article we will be concentrating on the hatchback version. The BMW 1 Series was shares many elements with its big brother the larger 3 Series […]

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