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Selling cars is no laughing matter

I was having a pint with an old colleague who ‘made his money and got out’ and we were chewing the fat about the good old days where you could actually have a laugh whilst doing your job. He was commenting on the fact that today’s “modern salesperson” might not even go for a drink […]

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Don’t give them any ammunition

At Motor Trade Insider we continually make the effort to keep our readership up to date and in tune with the issues we believe are important but also interesting and pertinent. It can at times be frustrating not being able to identify names to protect the innocent or to be more precise the insiders who […]

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Blogging for the UK Automotive industry takes on a new dimension

For car dealers, merely having a presence on the internet is no longer enough to drive forward the growth of their business Leading Automotive Industry blog Motor-Trade-Insider.com has highlighted how far the UK Automotive Industry is behind the US in the utilization of the internet to drive sales. According to industry experts less than 10 […]

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Meltdown at the dealership

In the motor trade we often encounter situations which test our resolve and patience to the maximum and may even make us question why we continue to work in this mad business. Of course there are customers we never forget and dramas we try not to remember, but a lot of the dilemmas are also […]

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Small cars, hot cakes and predictions

There is cautious optimism in the car business at present and it is continuing to be well founded. Wholesale prices are stable and are expected to climb, conversions at the auctions are generally in the high 90% and values continue to rise and long may it continue. Of course as we all know making predictions […]

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