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Imagine the clubcard points on a Ford Focus!

If the current rumours circulating the car world that Tesco are about to enter the world of selling used cars, (Tesco to sell used cars?) well let’s just say we wish them luck. Clearly they have an enviable record and no doubt they are kings of their particular jungle; however as anyone who has been […]

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Nobody wants the hassle

There appear to be increasing numbers of people deciding that car ownership has just simply become too expensive. What with the rise in VAT, ever increasing fuel charges, retail price hikes and even rises in the cost of insurance and vehicle excise duty has meant that many people have just decided enough is enough. The […]

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We all want the same thing

With used cars likely to be in short supply this year and prices rising as a result, dealers could well be looking at a return to the days of buy backs and self registrations to generate used car stock. The last time we were at this stage it nearly caused the whole business to go […]

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Buoyant auctions pushing up prices

As usual the auctions are jam packed with buyers pushing prices into no man’s land, even though popular opinion says that this is not due to any pent up retail demand. It is far more likely that trade buyers are looking to restock for the new year and retail customers are looking at the extra […]

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